Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Biden has always gesticulated

Joe Biden, photo: Getty Images/Alex Wong

An endearing bathroom mirror story, via David Rothkopf:

I vividly remember a story told to me by my former boss, the late Rep. Steve Solarz, who, upon arriving in Congress in 1978, discovered he was also allowed on the floor of the Senate.

So he walked over one night and discovered, pacing the floor and orating remarks into the Congressional Record, young Sen. Joe Biden.

The chamber was empty save for a tired-looking gentleman sitting at the chair, but Biden was gesticulating and emoting as though he were speaking to a stadium. At that moment, Solarz used to say, it was clear to him that this was a guy who was planning on a run to the top.

You know what would be kind of fun?

To think about which '16er has done the bathroom mirror, practice gesticulate the most. It's actually sort of telling. Mitch Daniels was often fond, actually, of dismissing a 2012 presidential bid by calling on the bathroom mirror's reflection, and you do get the sense that he wouldn't do this kind of Biden Thing.

But as far as who'd do this thing the most -- the mock speeches and bathroom mirror poses.... for the Democratic field, it'd probably be 1) Cory Booker 2) Joe Biden 3) Martin O'Malley 4) Brian Schweitzer 5) Elizabeth Warren 6) Deval Patrick 7) Julian Castro 8) Andrew Cuomo 9) Hillary Clinton 10) Amy Klobuchar 11) Kirsten Gillibrand and 12) Mark Warner.

But the top seven are really all clustered up there. I'm not sure there's a statistically significant difference between Booker at #1 and, say, Warren at #5.