Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Columba's problem" might be Jeb's 2016 problem

Columba Bush

Here's Jeb Bush's sister-in-law, very candidly talking about Jeb's wife, Columba, in a 1989 piece.

"Columba`s problem is that she married a man who would later be entangled in important politics,`` says Columba`s older sister and closest confidante, Lucila Schmitz.

"So this affected the tranquil life she expected. I think she would have been just as happy staying home with her soaps. But now she`s there, in place. Everything is in place, and it has all happened quickly for her."

Of course, that was 24 years ago, but according to New York Magazine, Jeb's decision to pass on 2012 was shaped heavily by Columba, and it's not clear whether she'll grow any stronger an appetite for the demands of electoral politics than she's had in the past.