Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Biden drunk on 2016?

Politico has the must-read of the day -- a juicy look at Joe Biden's very loving (lusting?) look at the presidency in 2016, titled "Joe Biden intoxicated by 2016 run."

“He’s intoxicated by the idea, and it’s impossible not to be intoxicated by the idea,” said a Democrat close to the White House. And the intoxication is hardly new. Officials working on the Obama-Biden campaign last year were struck by how the vice president always seemed to have one eye on a run, including aggressively courting the president’s donors.

Obama aides at times had to actively steer Biden to places where he was needed — like Pennsylvania — because he kept asking to be deployed to Iowa, New Hampshire and other early states.

The piece points out, though, that things are "frozen in place" until Hillary decides what she wants to do and suggests a private meeting between the two could resolve which of the two would run.

Something especially interesting that the piece points out? Obama might want a Biden-level liberal to replace him instead of a moderate Democrat like Hillary.