Tuesday, January 22, 2013

@LOLGOP builds a candidate for Prez16

Today marks the second entry in a Prez16 weekly feature, in which I ask a top conservative or progressive thought leader to build their perfect candidate for 2016.

This week? 

The wit behind the massively popular @LOLGOP builds the perfect progressive candidate for Prez16. 


"Since we celebrated the birthday Martin Luther King Jr's birthday yesterday, I'm trying to apply this sermon from Dr. King that the great @robdelaney tweeted out called "Loving your enemies."

Thus, I'm going to choose Republicans to build my perfect 2016 Democratic candidate.

First, I'd like a candidate with the stage presence of Herman Cain.

The guts of Rick Santorum.

The ability to defeat Rick Perry of Rick Perry.

The ability to change with the times of Newt Gingrich.

Photo of Gingrich: Gage Skidmore

The gumption of Mitt Romney.

And the disdain for Republicans of Jon Huntsman.

Who are we kidding? We already have the perfect candidate for 2016.

Let's just cryogenically freeze her until the day before the next Iowa caucus."

Note from Prez16: You can read the first in the series from CNBC's James Pethokoukis who kicked things off from the conservative side last week.