Monday, January 28, 2013

Norquist: Cuomo, O'Malley trying to out-liberal each other

Aanti-tax icon, Grover Norquist, tells Capitol Confidential that Andrew Cuomo and "the other guy from Maryland" (i.e. Martin O'Malley) are in a race to the left end of the swimming pool.

“I think he’s [Cuomo] probably the perfect candidate for the post-Obama Democratic Party in terms of picking the most left-of-center guy running. ....I think he’s a problematic guy to run nationally, but since I’m rooting for the Republican, I won’t hold it against him.

The other guy from Maryland isn’t quite as obvious, but is probably just as left-wing. Cuomo’s shooting up a flare saying, I’m to the left on everything.”

Then Norquist looked back at the 2012 GOP field and conceded that it was a mostly laughable field, noting that a "couple of them were doing marriage counseling".

“We are in so much better shape today than we were in the last presidential race.... some of them were looking to be radio talk show hosts, some of them were selling books, a couple of them were doing marriage counseling.

There were three guys who were really running for president and the rest of them were taking up a great deal of time and confusing people." 

Not sure who he was referring to on the marriage counseling, but I'm thinking Rick Santorum and even, oddly, Newt Gingrich with all of his joint appearances with Callista, and also -- remember this?

A bit later, Norquist said:

"We have a wealth of opportunity. You guys are stuck with Cuomo and that character from Maryland."

So, if you're keeping count, Norquist calls O'Malley "the other guy from Maryland" and "that character from Maryland." 

He who must not be named...

[Photo of Norquist: Gage Skidmore]