Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rubio: Ryan will be "indispensable player" on immigration reform

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (credit: public domain)

Manu Raju has a must-read today on a possible Marco Rubio-Paul Ryan "buddy up" on immigration reform:

Rubio and Ryan met face to face in December and discussed several legislative issues, including immigration reform. Since then, their staffs and the two men have traded various ideas, aides to both men said Tuesday.

In an interview, Rubio acknowledged having conversations with Ryan and said the Wisconsin Republican will be an “indispensable player at the right time” over immigration. “We have a great working relationship, and I think he can be a key player in anything we do moving forward,” Rubio said.

Interesting side-note?

Raju points out that Rubio is 41 years-old and Ryan 42 years-old. In other words, the youngest conservative leaders are leading on this one. 

From a '16 perspective, it would provide quite a bit of cover in a GOP primary for BOTH Ryan and Rubio to be on the same page on immigration reform. So really, it's not terribly risky to do this together; it'd be risky to do it apart.