Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Christie thought the DREAM was no dream

With the GOP shift on immigration in full gear, here's another reminder of how far November 6 moved the party's needle.

We all know Mitt Romney and tons of conservatives were taking shots at Rick Perry in 2012 for supporting a state-based DREAM Act.

But it wasn't just Romney -- it was also Chris Christie, a guy who theoretically should've been on the Perry side of the ledger (moderate Republican, state with lots of diversity, says what he thinks kind of guy).

But there was Christie at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in September 2011, firing a shot at Perry for calling opponents of the DREAM Act "heartless."


"I do not believe that, for the people who came here illegally, that we should be subsidizing, with taxpayer money, through in-state tuition, their education," he said.

"Let me be very clear, from my perspective, that is not a heartless position. That is a common-sense position."

Christie-for-president speculation was peaking, at the time, and it behooved him to be to the right on immigration, but even if you blame this on simple, political pandering and not a reflection of his true being, well, isn't Christie supposed to be the non-pander type?

My guess is he probably wouldn't say this today or tomorrow or, really, ever again.