Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Ted Cruz got NRSC

David Drucker reports on a very smart move by the GOP establishment -- put Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in leadership so he can a) serve as a liaison to the grassroots community. and you gotta think that "b" would be b) not dump on GOP leadership too much.

Sen. Ted Cruz was appointed vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee to diffuse a destructive tension with the conservative grass roots that has cost the GOP easy Senate victories — although how that translates to the Texan’s daily responsibilities remains in flux.

Unlike Sen. Rob Portman, whose duties as vice chairman of finance were clearly defined and undertaken soon after the Ohioan accepted the post, Cruz’s role as vice chairman of grass-roots outreach appears thus far to be rich in symbolism but light on substance.

The goal, say Republicans familiar with the decision to appoint Cruz, is for him to improve NRSC communication with the grass roots and navigate what has been for the GOP a troublesome candidate recruitment and primary process.