Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christie leads Cuomo in New Jersey

Three big results from Quinnipiac's new survey of Chris Christie in New Jersey.

1. His approval rating stands at a record, 74%-22%.

That's getting into the territory of even if you don't like him, you have to say that you do (kind of like Oprah).

Democrats give him a 56%/38% approval rating, indies give him a 77%/19% rating, and Republicans give him a 94%/5% (Good luck, Seth Grossman, on your primary challenge).

2. In a 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton still manages to nip him, 49%-45%, with indies backing Christie by 4%.

3. In a 2016 presidential race, Christie tops NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo by a surprisingly big, 54%/36%, thanks to Christie's mind-warping, 59%-28%, lead with independents.

One interesting note?

Hillary picks up 88% of blacks, but Cuomo only manages to reel in 60%, while Christie pulls in 23% in a head-to-head with Cuomo. No doubt, Cuomo would improve on that in a head-to-head, but it's still an interesting divide.

Of course, it also can't hurt Christie that Cuomo governs rival, New York state.