Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cruz: "Hysterical" New York Times proves I'm right

The Texas Tribune has a brand new interview with Sen. Ted Cruz today -- one that touches on everything from his opposition to Chuck Hagel to the media's characterization of him as an indiscriminate machine gun.

"It is interesting that in just a few weeks, The New York Times has repeatedly targeted my defense of conservative principles as objectionable in their view.

I think the fact that The New York Times is so hysterical after just a few weeks may perhaps be a sign that we’re doing something right.

The attacks that were leveled at me in the media were organized and concerted, and they were designed for one principal purpose: to divert attention from Chuck Hagel’s substantive record — which has been such that even The Washington Post [editorial board] described that record as “near the fringe of the Senate” — and to distract from Hagel’s refusal to answer reasonable questions concerning financial disclosure. I think it is unfortunate that those attacks to some extent achieved their objective, which is changing the conversation from Hagel’s record, which is where the conversation should be."