Friday, February 22, 2013

Is Ted Cruz "a great rallying point" for liberals?

Matt Glazer, the executive director of the liberal group, Progress Texas, talks with Salon about all things Ted Cruz:

“He’s a great rallying point for us. Any time we put his name on anything, it just goes viral in like four minutes.”

This Cruz Phenomenon might be really good for the GOP.

Here's why.

The theory is that Democrats are worried about strong, Hispanic Republicans like Cruz and Rubio eating into their base.

That's undoubtedly true, and it makes sense that they'd try to undercut them as early as possible.

But if Democrats are particularly searing toward Cruz, it might displace some of the attention on Rubio, who just so happens to be the more electable of the two.

That's great news for Rubio and Republicans.

The danger for Rubio, though, is that Cruz becomes not only the rallying point for liberals, but also for conservatives.

Right now, Rubio is leading in most polls, thanks to support from those calling themselves "very conservative".

If Cruz jumps into the 2016 race, he might easily seize that mantle, leaving Rubio to compete for moderates with Chris Christie.

And that's someplace Rubio doesn't want to be.