Friday, February 22, 2013

Jed Lewison builds a candidate for Prez16

It's time for our weekly, Build-A-Prez feature, in which I ask a top conservative or progressive thought-leader to build their ideal presidential candidate for the 2016 race.

This week, we've got Jed Lewison, the senior policy editor at The Daily Kos and former communications director for Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA).

In today's edition, Jed gets mischievous and builds his ideal Republican candidate, as well.

Jed wants....

IDEOLOGY of Barack Obama for the Democrats...

.... and Paul Ryan for the Republicans.

BRAINS of the late Minnesota Sen. Paul Wellstone for the Democrats...

.... and Sarah Palin for the Republicans.

Sarah Palin (photo: Gage Skidmore)

CHARISMA of Newark Mayor Cory Booker for the Democrats....

The Book Man (photo: David Shankbone)

... and Rick Santorum for the Republicans.

POLITICAL SAVVY of Bill Clinton for the Democrats...

Bill Clinton at a Clinton Climate Initiative event (photo: Clinton foundation)

.... and Mitt Romney for the Republicans.

LOOKS of Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.....

.... and Chris Christie for the Republicans.

HOMESTATE of Sen. Maria Cantwell -- Washington.

By way of explanation, Washington state might not seem like a smart political pick, but I lived longer in Washington than any other state, it's the state that my former boss Maria Cantwell represents, and there's no other state in the Lower 48 that's farther from D.C.

..... Republicans should choose Jon Huntsman's home state -- Utah.

Thanks, Jed!

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