Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Krauthammer: CPAC's Christie's snub was "vast overreaction"

Charles Krauthammer, excoriating CPAC last night for snubbing Chris Christie, ostensibly thanks to his views on gun control.

"This is a vast overreaction. It's a mistake. He's a leading Republican. He's obviously of presidential timber.... I wasn't very happy with what he did at Sandy. I thought he deserved three months in quarantine -- the three months is up, and I'd let him out, and I'd have him at CPAC. We should have a wide tent, and if that's what it takes to win elections in the Northeast and nationwide, let's go for it. "

AllahPundit points out the idiocy of CPAC's arbitrary criteria, particularly because Mitt Romney -- he of RomneyCare and, you know, he of Romney -- will speak at the conference.

Gun-control is an instant dealbreaker for appearing at CPAC, but developing the universal health care framework on which ObamaCare was based and then refusing to apologize for it isn’t? I’m not a fan of O-Care or of new gun regulations, but I know which one I’m more worried about long-term.

Also, how many of this year’s speakers are okay with, if not outright sponsoring, the disastrous plan floating around Congress to grant illegals instant probationary legal status as part of a comprehensive immigration reform deal? There’s Rubio, of course, and probably Paul Ryan, maybe Rand Paul.

Video via Fox News.