Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rubio talks about "long and gruesome" presidential nomination process

Marco Rubio, at a BuzzFeed brew event last night, talking about a potential run for president in 2016.

"I really believe that if I do the best job that I can in the Senate, then in a couple years, I'll be in a position to make a decision about whether I want to run for reelection, leave politics and give someone else a shot or run for some other position.

And that's the time frame for that decision, but I'm not at that stage right now.... if I were thinking about things like that, it would limit my ability to take on important issues."

My favorite bit?

The part where he talks about giving "someone else a shot" at his Senate seat, as if he's spent decades in the seat (He's 41 year-old, first term senator! What first term senator leaves after one term to give someone else a shot? John Ensign?).

As for the trials of the presidential primary process.

"You only get that big plane at the end," Rubio said. "The beginning of it, you're in a rent-a-car in Iowa, and New Hampshire, and South Carolina, you're meeting the same ten people over and over again and they're still undecided."

You can watch video here.