Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Recap for the Democrats

Okay, it's time for a weekly recap of all the news from potential, Democratic candidates for president.

Last week, we looked at Republicans, and I'm alternating between the fields each week.

I'll hand out awards, where applicable, for my favorite bits of commentary or reporting.

One such award is an homage to one of the greatest riffers in cinematic history, Al Pacino's "Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade" from Scent of a Woman, and the other is an homage to Josephus -- the great, 1st century Jewish historian who was essentially a fantastic reporter.

The Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award is given to my favorite commentary; the Josephus Award to my favorite reporting.

Photo: State Department

Hillary Clinton

a. Hillary's new website. What's it for?

b. Hillary's exit interview with The New York Times.

c. Her appeal to working class whites should have the GOP quaking.

d. The best pic of Hillary out there.

e. Is Hillary's record over-hyped?

f. New York Daily News: "Hillary Clinton ends a terrific run."

g. The Nation's Robert Dreyfuss calls Hillary a "warmonger."

h. Hillary's "Alliance for an Affordable Internet" could help transform poor countries through greater access to the web.

i. She doesn't show up at Ed Koch's funeral.

j. Her 2008 campaign is now debt-free and shuttered.

k. She has more medical tests; needs more rest.

l. Arianna Huffington says Hillary and all of us need to take a break and take a nap.

m. Howard Kurtz hammers the media for its Hillary "romance."

n. Would Hillary pull the country back toward the center?

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to George Packer for "Long Engagements."

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Jill Dougherty and Elise Labott for "On the road with Hillary Clinton."

B and C (Photo: White House/David Lienemann)

Joe Biden

a. He urges David Cameron to stay in the EU.

b. Is Biden vs. Hillary a fair fight?

c. Biden takes his gaffes to Europe.

d. Iran rejects Bilateral Biden's offer

e. He presses House Democrats on gun legislation.

f. He swears in John Kerry.

g. Leon Panetta won't pick sides in Biden vs. Hillary.

h. Wrap your head around this -- Biden as Veep for 16 years.

i. From one Joe to another.

j. Erin Burnett catches Biden contradicting himself.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to Steve Holland for "Joe Biden, Obama's Mr. Fix It, extends his clout abroad."

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Jim O'Sullivan for "Need proof that Joe Biden is running for president? Look at his staff."

Monsieur O'Malley (photo: governor's office) 

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley

a. He claims the NRA is "drowning out Marylanders."

a. Champions gun control in testimony before state senate lawmakers.

b. Hundreds of gun control opponents protest O'Malley's gun legislation.

c. O'Malley relishes Super Bowl win.

d. Makes a push for more veterans' benefits.

e. Wants more money for jobs training.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to Adrienne Washington for "Signs of an O'Malley presidential run?"

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Aaron Davis for "Gun-control debate takes center stage in Maryland."

Andrew Cuomo (photo: Pat Arnow)

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

a. Remembering Ed Koch, remembering his feud with the Cuomos.

b. Gun control efforts hurt Cuomo's approval rating.

c. He has $3 billion (!) to play around with.

d. The New York Post praises his proposal to buy homes in dangerous flood zones; The New York Times does, too.

e. Republicans on Judiciary Committee hammer Cuomo's pick for the high court, and she moves to the full Legislature without recommendation.

f. GOP opponent cries foul (well, actually, cries "Hitler" and "Mussolini") over some of Cuomo's procedural issues; then regrets it, and asks "can I crawl under the desk now?.

g. Lawrence O'Donnell calls Cuomo "brave" for gun push; Cuomo is "pleased."

h. He continues pushing for minimum wage hike (can you believe it's only $7.25 in NY?).

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to Reid Pillifant for "Cuomo is 'pleased' by the attention on MSNBC, and he should be."

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Kenneth Lovett for "Billions in discretionary funds set aside by Gov. Andrew Cuomo enable him to exercise great power."

Video of the Week: For sooooooooooooooooooo many reasons.

Dog's best friend (photo: mayor's office)

Newark Mayor Cory Booker

a. He needs to take a chill pill.

b. Speaking of chill, Ben & Jerry's might give Booker his own ice cream flavor.

c. He defends Obama on Maher's show, and also rallies to defense of guns.

d. Starts his Weight Watchers diet.

d. Booker unveils new Facebook money for education effort.

e. You still might get Booker vs. Geraldo in a general election!

f. He shows up at Human Rights Campaign gala.

g. Former consultant charged with money laundering.

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Maggie Haberman for "Cory Booker's rough primetime debut."

Ms. Gillibrand (photo: public domain)

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

a. Kirsten Gillibrand vs. Outsourcing.

b. Kirsten Gillibrand vs. Border Patrol Agents who get cash and perks for busting illegal immigrants.

E-Warren (photo: public domain)

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren

a. Daily Kos is well-pleased.

b. She wants a Violence Against Women-type of act for certain minority groups.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to David Dayen for "Wonder Warren."

Josephus Excellence in Reporting to Cheyenne Hopkins for "Elizabeth Warren not ready to back down on U.S. Consumer Bureau."

Klobuchar (photo: public domain)

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar

a. Introduces a bill to repeal the medical device tax (Minnesota is home to scores of med device makers).

b. Lands top seat on a Senate subcommittee, and is appointed to the president's Export Council.

c. Sponsors legislation banning big pharma from "pay for delay" deals.