Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly recap

Rubio and Bibi in Israel (photo: Alex Conant)

Time to review all this week's doings of the potential 2016 candidates!

As always, I'll point out my favorite bits of commentary and reporting. If I missed something, shoot me an email.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R)

a. He takes a trip to Israel and calls Jerusalem its capital.

b. Stresses Israel's security at Jerusalem presser.

c. Ted Cruz sees race behind Democrats' attacks on Rubio.

d. Rubio and Cruz call on Obama to withdraw Hagel nomination.

e. Charles Krauthammer, very reluctantly, backs Rubio's "deeply flawed" immigration proposal.

f. Rubio and Rand Paul get perfect scores from the American Conservative Union.

g. Cavuto thinks Rubio will have the last laugh over the water gulp.

h. Pew finds mixed opinions on Rubio.

i. Paul Waldman: "Should Democrats be afraid of Marco Rubio?"

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R)

a. His approval rating hits a record 74%.

b. Reportedly, says he agrees with Andrew Cuomo on "98%" of the issues; then says report isn't true. Union official backs Christie up

c. One thing Christie and Cuomo agree on -- they both have Sicilian mothers.

d. Will hold $3,800/head fundraiser in Massachusetts.

e. Christie hopes to raise $500K off of NYC fundraiser.

f. Mort Zuckerman likes Christie's "no bullshit" style.

g. Urban Dems are moving to Christie in New Jersey, gets praise from another Dem congressman.

h. And yet another Democratic mayor in New Jersey endorses him.

i. Hillary nips Christie in New Jersey.

j. DeWayne Wickham makes the case for Christie over Rubio.

k. William Howard Taft's grandson (!) says Christie's weight shouldn't preclude him from the White House.

l. Glenn Beck: "I don't like Chris Christie", and Scarborough rips Beck for it.

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to The Daily Beast's David Freedlander for "In New Jersey, Barbara Buono is the last Democrat standing."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D)

a. She'll get $200K for her speaking engagements, which is more than her hubby.

b. Insider claims she's in for 2016.

c. Could she swing Texas?

d. She'd narrowly beat Christie in New Jersey.

e. Would she win.... Georgia?? What about.... Louisiana???

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Glenn Thrush for "John Kerry: The un-Hillary Clinton."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D)

a. RE: All about Cuomo's abortion push in a state where 13% of all U.S. abortions already take place.

b. Pro-lifers mobilize to protest.

c. Cuomo won't separate abortion proposal from less controversial women's rights package.

d. The New York Times likes the abortion proposal; The National Review rips it.

e. Why he might abandon his push for raising the minimum wage (hint: it has to do with Obama's proposal at the federal level).

f. He reaches a deal with the SUNY union on a new contract.

g. Cuomo: Chris Christie and I both had strong Sicilian mothers.

h. Cuomo brings anthypophora to the 21st century.

i. Celebrates Robert DeNiro.

j. Cuomo: Cut hunting, fishing license fees!

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to The New Republic's Matt Taylor for "The Cuomo Conundrum: Will his 2016 ambitions hurt his ability to run in New York?"

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to Time's Kate Pickert for "What Andrew Cuomo's abortion proposal says about access in 2013."

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)

a. Unveils his budget proposal -- income tax cuts, more spending on infrastructure, vouchers

b. Walker pitches it across Wisconsin.

Josephus Award for Excellence in reporting to Politico's Kyle Cheney for "In Wisconsin, ObamaCare with a twist."

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (D)

a. His anti-death penalty bill clears a key Senate committee.

b "Mike McNally", oops, "Martin O'Malley" hasn't made an imprint on Iowa yet.

c. The Washington Post gives its official blessing on his transportation plan.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R)

a. Wait on Medicaid expansion.

b. Grover Norquist rips the tax hikes in McDonnell's transportation plan.

c. Ken Cuccinelli also blasts plan as "a massive tax increase."

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to John Fund for "McDonnell risks tarnishing his legacy."

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R)

a. Everyone's arguing about him, and this guy really hates him, this guy, too.

b. Daniel Horowitz: "Much to the dismay of the media, we are no longer bringing a Lamar Alexander to a Chuck Schumer fight."

c. Cruz will keep being Cruz.

d. Does the media have "Cruz Derangement Syndrome"?

e. Cruz claims Rubio attacks are racial.

f. Cruz calls Obama "The most radical president we've ever seen."

g. He'll close at CPAC.

h. Claims Obama wants immigration reform to fail to hurt GOP.

i. DeMint cheers Cruz.

j. Meet his staff.

k. Cruz goes to Cuyahoga!

Josephus Award for Excellence in Reporting to CBN's David Brody for "Ted Cruz a lifeline for the conservative party."

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to Salon's Alex Pareene for "Dear John McCain: Ted Cruz isn't what's wrong with the Senate, you are."

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R)

a. He'll make a presidential decision next year.

b. Glenn Beck likes him.

c. AP gets it wrong -- big time.

d. Glenn Kessler gives Rand Paul four Pinocchios for budget claim.

e. Karl Rove is cool with Rand Paul now.

f. Matt Lewis lays out Rand's rough presidential path.

g. Paul claims GOP has Obama cornered on sequestration.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to Jennifer Rubin for "Why Rand Paul is formidable."

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R)

a. Taxpayers foot part of the bill for his campaigning with Romney.

b. Jindal's new budget: less spending, fewer state employees.

c. Phil Musser, former Executive Director of RGA: "Gov. Jindal has set the standard for policy accomplishments from the perspective of a forward-thinking conservative."

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D)

a. She might support a repeal of the tax on medical devices.

Lieutenant Conolel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to Salon's David Sirota for "Not all Dems are Elizabeth Warren."

Vice-President Joe Biden (D)

a. Protect yourself with a shotgun, but don't do what he tells his wife to do.

b. Biden = boon for shotguns.

c. Jumps into Colorado debate over guns.

d. Gun control proposals won't "infringe" on your rights, he argues.

e. An anthology of his advice.

Lieutenant Conolel Frank Slade Award for Excellence in Commentary to The Daily Beast's John Avon for "Joe Biden's shotgun approach to politics good for Obama Administration."

The Rest

a. Nikki Haley's approval rating jumps to 44%/39%.

b. All about John Kasich's 2-year tenure.

c. Meet Brian Schweitzer.

d. Rahm Emanuel's approval rating in Chicago is terrible.

e. Julian Castro and his bro will be in March's Vogue -- photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

f. John Thune says he doesn't have presidential plans for 2016.

g. Paul Ryan on 2016 speculation: "I don't play that game." He also blames Democrats on sequestration.