Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good morning, 2016

Here's what's hopping in presidential-land this morning.


a. "It's the Rubio and Rand party, now." -- Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, Politico.

b. "Iowa invite gives Rand Paul a leg up on 2016." -- Scott Conroy, RCP.

c. "5 reasons why you should take Rand Paul seriously" -- James Hohmann, Politico.

d. "Can Ted Cruz run for president? And should he?" -- Aaron Blake, The Washington Post.

e. "In the mainstream, Chris has Jeb beat by a mile." -- Paul Mulshine, The Star-Ledger.

f. "Marco Rubio spends big on consultants." -- Byron Tau, Politico.


a. "Entire Room of Tea Party House Members Agrees with Rand Paul on Immigration." -- Benjy Sarlin, Talking Points Memo.

b. "Colorado Governor signs landmark gun bills." -- Ivan Moreno, The AP.

c. "Rand Paul on GOP scrutiny: 'Hard to be anything except who I am'." -- Todd Beamon, Newsmax.

d. "From the Dome: O'Malley headed to Israel." -- Alex Jackson, Capital Gazette.

e. "Senate approves O'Malley's budget." -- Michael Dresser, The Balitmore Sun.

f. "SC high court hears Gov Haley accuser." -- Andrew Shan, The State.

g. "Christie undecided on ban of controversial 'gay conversion therapy'." -- Jenna Portnoy, The Star Ledger.

h. "Ted Cruz may find support from liberals on drones." -- The Houston Chronicle.

i. "New York Governor favors easing newly passed gun law." -- Thomas Kaplan and Danny Hakim, The New York Times.