Monday, March 25, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

It's a snowy day in Baltimore, Maryland. That has no foreseeable impact on the 2016 race, but it adds a nice Bedford Falls feel to the day.

Here's the important news and commentary in 2016-land this morning.


a. Rand Paul thinks it's too simplistic to put people into left-right boxes.

b. Karl Rove could see the next GOP presidential nominee supporting gay marriage.

c. Santorum: Obama and Bush don't understand Islam.

d. Some conservatives are bashing Marco Rubio's new immigration ally.

e. Rand Paul objects to draconian pot laws, says Obama and Bush could've been jailed for them.

f. Ted Cruz chides Washington Republicans for "defeatist attitude."

g. Ron Paul's New Hampshire supporters like what they see in Rand Paul.

h. Rand Paul writes an op-ed on immigration for the Orange County Register.

i. E! anchor thinks Christie would avail himself well in Hollywood.

j. Rob Portman told Romney's vetting team that his son was gay, and the Romney team didn't mind.


a. Joe Biden will hit up major fundraisers for Democrats in South Carolina and Michigan.

b. Cory Booker was in Miami over the weekend for a Democratic fundraiser.

c. John Hickenlooper prayed with gun-rights advocates.

d. Martin O'Malley gets good reviews from South Carolina Democrats for his big Palmetto State speech.


a. "Paul Ryan's disappearing act." -- Jonathan Martin, Politico.

b. "2016 Iowa Forecast." -- Craig Robinson, Iowa Republican.

c. "Cuomo gets it right on fracking." -- New York Post.

d. "Marco Rubio brings GOP hope with Hispanics but challenges remain." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

e. "Julian Castro, San Antonio's 'relay' star." -- E.J. Dionne, Washington Post.

f. "Mrs. Warren goes to Washington." -- David Bernstein, Boston Phoenix.

Via The New York Daily News, Michael Bloomberg goes Broadway and jokes about Chris Christie's Obama hug.