Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


a. Scott Walker is writing a book.

b. Jeb Bush wants the states to decide gay marriage.

c. In big Kentucky speech, Marco Rubio warns about isolationism.

d. By 44%-43%, Democrats in New Jersey think Christie deserves reelection.

e. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are threatening to filibuster gun legislation.

f. Marco Rubio will co-chair the Senate's National Security Working Group with Dianne Feinstein.


a. Is Sandra Lee's novel about Andrew Cuomo?

b. Mark Warner now supports gay marriage.

c. How the media is ranking the Democratic field.


a. "Senator Mark Warner endorses gay marriage. Who's next?" -- Alex Rogers, Time.

b. "Rand vs. Rubio" -- John Dickerson, Slate.

c. "Rand Paul stops pushing IRS Doom as 2016 campaign looms." -- John McCormick, Bloomberg.