Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Rand Paul, Kentucky King-Maker


a. Rand Paul will endorse Mitch McConnell against any potential primary challenger.

b. Scott Walker thinks states should make gay marriage decisions.

c. Louisiana's biggest business lobbying group slams Bobby Jindal's tax plan.

d. Jindal announces IBM expansion to Baton Rouge, and retrenches on education.

e. Santorum stumped for Mark Sanford's rival in South Carolina yesterday.

f. Lindsey Graham: Rand Paul is "passionate" and "knows no fear."

g. Bob McDonnell vetoes new hotel tax, and amends the transportation bill.

h. Rand Paul: "Going to Iowa is a very important place" if you want to gain sway in GOP.

i. Scott Walker's publisher, not Scott Walker himself, picked the book name Unintimidated; David Axelrod smells a presidential bid


a. Hillary will be the guest of honor at a Michigan event in June.

b. Joe Biden thinks "smart gun" technology could be a "game-changer", and promises gun control proponents have not yet begun to fight (metaphorically, of course).

Days that Hillary Clinton HAS FROZEN THE FIELD: 142


a. "Rand Paul is 'El Hombre'." -- Rick Sanchez, Fox News Latino.

b. "Sarah Palin video spotlights Ted Cruz and a Mama Grizzly" -- Shushannah Walshe, ABC News.