Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Minorities give Christie a 56% approval rating in New Jersey

A Farleigh Dickinson poll adds another woah to Chris Christie's belt.

The governor’s job performance also continues to receive bipartisan support. Although a blue state, a solid majority of Democrats (55%) and independents (61%) approve of the job Christie is doing. Republicans (83%) give the governor high marks.

Other groups who are not considered likely suspects among his supporters include women (62%), those from union households (52%), and non-whites (56%).

Btw, yesterday, McKay Coppins had a good read on Republican outreach to minorities and included one of those electability anecdotes that a Christie 2016 bid will tote around to woo mainstream Republicans.

And for most of them, Romney's candidacy was reason enough to steer clear of the Republican Party for the foreseeable future.

"You could tell from those private interviews," said Michael Watkins, a New York City Transit worker, referring to Romney's leaked "47 percent" tape. "He only cared about rich, white people. And there were even some white people who didn't like what he was saying there... We're not rich like them. We weren't born with a golden spoon in our mouths."

Watkins is hardly orthodox in his liberal beliefs. He praised Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg for their business-friendly pragmatism, cited deficit reduction as a high priority, and condemned politicians who say, "you can't pray in schools, that's illegal, but here's some condoms."

But here's the big question -- even though Christie might be the only Republican guys like Watkins would consider, what's the chance they'd actually back him over a Democrat?

When it comes to crossing the aisle, it can be a pretty big leap from liking a guy to actually supporting him or her.

[Hat tip: Ruby Cramer]