Monday, April 1, 2013

Good morning, 2016

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez


a. Susana Martinez sings bill forcing educational workers to pony up more of their $ for their pension plans; vetoes a plan to raise the minimum wage.

b. Susana Martinez ain't happy about the Obama Administration's sequestration allocation.

c. Marco Rubio wants hearings on immigration, and says it's "premature" to conclude the Gang of Eight has ironed out its legislative proposal.

d. Jeb talks immigration with Newsmax (nothing terribly newsworthy; just very Jebby).

She also said the Pope blessed a photo of her mom during her trip with a U.S. delegation to the pope's inauguration mass.

Less transcendentally, her state led the country in percentage of export growth last year.

e. Ever heard of Methanol? Bobby Jindal just announced that Louisiana scored what will become the country's largest methanol plant (note: methanol is not ethanol, and not menthol).

f. A non-partisan analysis says Jindal's new tax plan could cost the state $650 million.

g. Jindal's health secretary resigns (ethics cloud).

h Proposed sales tax in Jindal's new tax plan rises yet again (6.25%).


a. Hillary will give her first paid speech -- post Secretary of State gig -- on April 24 at the National Multi Housing Council in Dallas.

b. Cory Booker on gay marriage and states' rights: "Thank God we didn't wait on the states on women's equality under the law."

Booker also laughs off the idea of Clinton-Booker 2016 without actually rejecting it.

Aretha Franklin gives Booker a shout-out (her shout-out probably sounds better than yours).

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 146.


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