Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Martin O'Malley, busier than a Chipotle at 6 PM in a college town


a. Martin O'Malley preps to sign bills repealing the death penalty, raising the gas tax, heightening gun control

b. O'Malley isn't liberal anymore.... He's a "performance-driven progressive."

c. The NRA will challenge O'Malley's gun law.

d. Biden: It's "embarrassing" and "mind-boggling" that some Republicans are threatening to filibuster gun legislation.

e. Biden accuses gun control opponents of being "black helicopter crowd."

f. Rush Limbaugh thinks Hillary's new book should be called, What Difference Did I Make?

g. Pro-Hillary Super PAC promises to focus on Northern California's $.

h. Bill and Hillary will attend a Little Rock airport dedication ceremony.


a. Ohio House Republicans strip John Kasich's Medicaid expansion from the budget and, also, alter his school funding plan.

b. The Ohio Legislature embraces a smaller version of Kasich's income tax reductions.

c. Bob McDonnell is leading a trade mission to California, China, and Japan. Oh, and he'll do lunch with Steven Spielberg.

d. Bobby Jindal rejects lawmakers' suggestion to follow Arkansas's model on Medicaid.

e. John Thune and other GOP leaders will dine with Obama on Wednesday night.


a. "Will Hillary Clinton's media honeymoon last?" -- Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics.

b. "As governor steers Maryland to the Left, talk turns to 2016." -- Trip Gabriel, New York Times.

c. "Rand Paul's challenge at Howard." -- Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed.

d. "Bobby Jindal's fax failure." -- Josh Barro, Bloomberg.

e. "Bob McDonnell's big fat dietary-supplement wedding." -- Alec MacGillis, The New Republic.

f. "With popularity fading at home, is Jindal the new Romney?" -- Nate Silver, New York Times.

g. "What happened to Bobby Jindal?" -- Rachel Weiner, Washington Post.

h. "Martin O'Malley, Tommy Carcetti, and 2016." -- Ben Jacobs, The Daily Beast.