Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Photo: State Department

Can't find Nutella for your pancakes this morning? Try the heart-healthy, Good Morning, 2016, instead.


a. Hillary might keynote the ASTA convention in September.

b. Hillary helped Anthony Weiner's wife cope with the fallout from her hubby's sexting scandal.

c. Kirsten Gillibrand isn't terribly interested in targeting violent video games.

d. Colorado sheriffs are promising a lawsuit against John Hickenlooper's gun legislation.

e. Karl Rove tells hecklers they should be consistent and protest Hillary for Iraq vote.

f. Hickenlooper is taking his trip to Israel with a prominent Republican donor and friend.


a. At tense Howard University address, Rand Paul claims he's "never wavered" in supporting the Civil Rights Act.

b. Howard students were sort of open to Paul's message. Kind of.

c. Bloomberg-backed group runs TV ads, slamming Marco Rubio on guns.

d. Haley Barbour leaves American Crossroads.

e. Marco Rubio dines with GOP senators at the White House.

f. Rand says evangelicals have been too warmongery.

g. Susana Martinez has $1.5 million cash-on-hand for her reelection run.

h. Vincent Sheheen (D) officially announces he'll run against Nikki Haley again, but she's already got over $2 million in her warchest.

i. Rick Santorum can speak at a Michigan high school, after all.

j. Susana Martinez vetoes $150K in funding for a statue of golfer, Nancy Lopez.


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e. "GOP senators disagree on pace of immigration reform -- with Rubio stuck in the middle." -- Pema Levy, TPM.