Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


a. Marco Rubio raised $2.28 million in the first quarter.

b. Ted Cruz, a top talker.

c. Chris Christie pushes tax cut anew; Barbara Buono pounces.

d. Florida tea partiers are split over Rubio's support for immigration reform.

e. Ben Carson and Herman Cain huddle near the White House.

f. A further stake through the heart of Jindal's tax plan.

g. Scott Walker gets some home-state love for China deal, and sends a letter to Kerry pushing for Keystone approval.

h. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz raise the alarm on Gosnell Trial.

i. Ted Cruz tweets out a tax day photo of Barack Obama.


a. On conference call, Joe Biden reacts, in real-time, to the Boston bombings. Via TPM.

b. George Stephanopoulos: Hillary could be the "most experienced" presidential candidate ever.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

c. Elizabeth Warren will raise money for Jack Reed this month.


a. "Why so many think Hillary Clinton is right for 2016." -- Peter Rosenstein, Huffington Post.

b. "Elizabeth Warren winning support for 2016 White House bid." -- Hillary Chabot and Joe Battenfeld, The Boston Herald.

c. "Bobby Jindal trying to lead the party of growth." -- The Economist.

d. "Immigration reform isn't hurting Marco Rubio's bottom line." -- Beth Reinhard, The National Journal.