Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Hillary Clinton (photo: State Department)

There's a particularly rich supply of Hillary and Rubio stuff circulating within the past 24 hours.


a. "What Marco Rubio is thinking." -- Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei, Politico.

b. "Rubio keeps one finger on the eject button during immigration talks." -- Benjy Sarlin, Talking Points Memo.

c. "Rubio says process counts in immigration overhaul." -- David Drucker, Roll Call.

c. "The strange world of the Hillary Clinton Super PACs." -- Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed.

d. "Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign starts with Terry McAuliffe's Virginia governor race," -- Ken Vogel, Politico.

d. "Are you ready for Hillary?" -- Dave Weigel, Slate.

e. "Will Climton's agenda survive?" -- Kathleen Parker, The Daily Beast.


a. Ted Cruz hits Rubio and the Gang of Eight's immigration proposal yet again.

b. Cruz says cost of Medicaid expansion could force Texas to release violet criminals (eventually).

c. Rand Paul isn't totally against military bases on foreign soil.


a. Mark Warner would trash a potential Bob McDonnell bid for his Senate seat, 51%-35%.

b. Anti-frackers heckle John Hickenlooper.

c. Kate Mara pops up at a Cory Booker fundraiser.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 147