Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

It's never too soon to be too soon about the 2016 race.


a. "Paul Ryan steps into immigration fray." -- Jake Sherman, Politico.

b. "Rand Paul tries to transform a moment into a movement." -- Monica Langley, The Wall Street Journal.

c. "Sen. Rand Paul: On his gun votes." -- Rand Paul, Louisville Courier-Journal.

d. "How Marco Rubio seeks to cure an old, horrible, secret immigration deal." -- Ralph Benko, Forbes.

e. "Marco Rubio's leftist talking points on immigration and slavery." -- Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner.

f. "Rubio on defense about immigration reform bill." -- Chris Moody, Yahoo.

g. Huntsman on 2016: "I don't love the country any less now than I did when I ran."

h. "The end of Marco Rubio's ambitions?" -- Matt Lewis, The Daily Caller.

i. "Immigration bill sprinkled with pet projects." -- The Wall Street Journal.

j. "Christie to attend  Bush library dedication in Dallas." -- Jenna Portnoy, The Star Ledger.

k. "Chris Christie gets a taste of the tough politics of gun control." -- Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed.

l. "Anheuser Busch, Dick Clark Productions among Christie contributor." -- Heather Haddon, The Wall Street Journal.

m. "Ohio's tax tussle: Republican Gov. John Kasich gets pushback from his caucus." -- Stephen Moore, The Wall Street Journal.

n. "Governor Scott Walker touts Milwaukee, Harley in China." -- John Schmid, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

o. "Cruz takes spotlight in immigration debate." -- Paul Steinhauser, CNN.


a. Martin O'Malley "praises Israel's counter-terrorism." -- Gil Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post.

b. How well do you know Elizabeth Warren?

c. "Gillibrand touts Obama dinner with women Sens." -- Dan Friedman, The New York Daily News.

d. "Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats." -- Emily Schultheis, Politico.

e. "Cuomo appoints Madoff lawyer to NY ethics board." -- Michael Gormley, The AP.

f. "Colorado House passes final two gun bills, sends one to Hickenlooper." -- Lynn Bartels, The
Denver Post.

g.  "Siena poll: Cuomo's favorable rating and support for reelection drops again." -- Robert Harding, The Auburn Pub.

h. "Gov. Cuomo ready to work with NY's troubled cities." -- Michael Gormley, The AP.

"What your buyer's going to be looking for is a broad, complacent user base primed to be blind-sided by sudden privacy policy changes."