Friday, April 26, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Because it's never too soon to be too soon about the 2016 (potential) candidates.


a. New Hampshire, WMUR poll:

1. Hillary 61%

2. Joe Biden 7%

3. Andrew Cuomo and Deval Patrick 3%

5. Mark Warner 2%

6. Cory Booker and Evan Bayh 1%

b. New Hampshire, PPP: Hillary 68% Biden 12% Elizabeth Warren 5% Andrew Cuomo 3% Deval Patrick 2% Martin O'Malley and Kirsten Gillibrand 1%.

c. "Clinton heading to Florida for second paid speech." -- Maggie Haberman, Politico.

d. "Bush library revives dynasty concerns." -- Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics.

e. "Why John Kerry could be a better secretary of state than Hillary Clinton." -- Aaron David Miller, Washington Post.

f. "Martin O'Malley signs death penalty repeal next week." -- Erin Cox, Baltimore Sun.

g. "Joe Biden readies gun control advocates for Round Two." -- Jennifer Bendery, The Huffington Post.

h. "Biden talks Syria with Jordanian king." -- Donovan Slack, Politico.

i. "Hillary Clinton dodges 2016 talk, says she just wants to relax at first paid speech since leaving office." -- The AP.

j. "Constitutionalists say Cuomo's girlfriend should disclose $$." -- Rick Karlin, Capitol Confidential.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 171.


a. New Hampshire, WMUR poll:

1. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul 15%

3. Chris Christie and Paul Ryan 11%

5. Kelly Ayotte, Jeb Bush, Jon Huntsman 5%

8. Rick Santorum 4%

9. Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz 2%

11. Scott Walker and Rob Portman 1%

b. New Hampshire, PPP: Rand Paul 28% Marco Rubio 25% Chris Christie 14% Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush 7% Rick Santorum 4% Susana Martinez 3% Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry 1%.

c. "Paul Ryan is channeling Bill Clinton on immigration." -- Joshua Green, Bloomberg Business Week.

d. "A history lesson for Marco Rubio." -- Michelle Malkin, The National Review.

e. "In call from Tokyo, McDonnell discusses trade, holds tongue on Executive Mansion investigation." -- The AP.

f. "Sen. John Thune injured, may have to sit out Capital Challenge." -- Neda Semnani, Roll Call. (Btw, that's good news for everyone else in the race. He runs a 6 min, 15 sec mile).

g. "Buono continues to denounce Christie's lottery privatization plans." -- Matthew Arco, Politicker NJ.

h. "Rand Paul defends himself against drone backlash." -- Ginger Gibson, Politico.

i. "Dear Rand Paul, keep fighting the fight on drones." -- Malou Innocent, U.S. News & World Report.

j. "Wisconsin: GOP leaves Walker's budget mostly intact." -- Scott Bauer, The AP.

k. Susana Martinez "announces expansion of pre-K programs." -- The AP.

l. "Save Rubio from himself." -- Steve Deace, Politico.

m. Nikki Haley was in Michigan last night for a speech.

n. "Scott Walker attends rally for school vouchers." -- Erin Richards, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

If you watch Survivor... bro down, bro (via Reality Blurred).