Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Because it's never too soon to be too soon about 2016.


a. "FBI looking into relationship between McDonnells, donor." -- Rosalind Helderman and Jerry Markon, Washington Post.

b. "Paul laying 2016 groundwork in South Carolina." -- Peter Hamby, CNN.

c. "Ten reasons why Jeb should run." -- Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.

d. "Stepien to take over as Christie campaign manager." -- Darryl Isherwood, Politicker NJ.

e. Chris Christie's gubernatorial opponent, Barbara Buono "picks Watson Coleman as campaign chair." -- Jarrett Renshaw, Star-Ledger.

f. "Ted Cruz: American hero, or greatest American hero?" -- Dave Weigel, Slate.

g. "Ted Cruz: My GOP senate colleagues yelled at me for wanting to filibuster gun control." -- AllahPundit, Hot Air.

h. "$1.8 billion on its way to N.J. for Sandy reconstruction." -- Phil Gregory, Newsworks.

i. "Kelly Ayotte gets her gun ads." -- Mark Silva, Bloomberg.

j. "Paul Ryan blasts FAA over furloughs." -- Wisconsin Radio Network.

k. "Rep. Paul Ryan hosts listening sessions in Wisconsin." -- Katie DeLong, WITI.

l. "How lame a duck is Gov. Jindal?" -- John Maginnis, The Times-Picayune.

m. "Republican lawmakers line up against Bob McDonnell's 'outer Beltway'." -- Liz Essley, Washington Examiner.

n. "Nikki Haley to appear at Mark Sanford fundraiser." -- Rachel Weiner, Washington Post.

o. "Rubio tries to convince conservatives he hasn't been duped." -- Greg Allen, NPR.

p. "Rubio immigration plan seeks improvement, momentum." -- Matt Mackowiak, The Hill.


a. Deadline Hollywood reports that Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Katzenberg are "preparing to get behind Hillary as bundlers for 2016."

b. "Hillary Clinton visiting Naples Tuesday for private event." -- WINK News.

c. "Andrew Cuomo: Hillary Clinton will have no bearing on 2016 thinking." -- Michael Gormley, The AP.

d. "How to interpret Kirsten Gillibrand's political opportunism." -- Irin Carmon, Salon.

e. "Democrats split with Hickenlooper on oil, gas regs." -- Megan Schrader, Colorado Springs Gazette.

f. "Hickenlooper signs next year's budget for Colorado." -- Ivan Moreno, Associated Press.

g. "Klobuchar hopeful on repeal of med-tech tax." -- Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio.

h. "Hickenlooper signs immigrant tuition bill." -- Kristina Kuestner, KREX.

i. "Sen. Warren satisfied with Boston Marathon bombing investigation." -- Richard Dujardin, Providence Journal.

j. "Cuomo can fix New York's 'Pay to Play' reputation and set national example." -- Michael Keegan, Huffington Post.

k. RE: Cuomo: "Another potential 2016-er" inks book deal." -- Kevin Bohn, CNN.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 175