Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Christie gears up for negative ads in New Jersey

Here's what's going on in the non-Elysium of 2016-land.


a. Outside group make $500K buy to run anti-Chris Christie ads in New Jersey.

b. Chris Christie says Rutger's president has his "absolute confidence."

c. Rick Santorum: It would be "suicidal" for Republicans to support same-sex marriage.

d. Bobby Jindal ditches his tax plan.

e. Top Wisconsin Democrat claims that some in his party are "kicking the tires" on possible runs against Scott Walker.

f. Walker made a low-profile trip to Nevada last week.

g. Chris Christie's challenger in New Jersey is focusing on gay rights.

h. The Engineer's Union endorses Chris Christie.


a. Andrew Cuomo promises to push for new campaign finance laws to battle corruption; says he's not trying to oust Democratic assembly speaker.

b. Tabloid war over Cuomo Coup report!

c. Just like Obama, Hillary also once praised another political figure's looks.

d. Kirsten Gillibrand: Bipartisan delegation's meeting with Bibi in Israel was "unprecedented in scope."

e. Julian Castro will keynote at an affirmative action conference.


a. "Can Rand Paul solve the GOP's minority voter problem?" - Grace Wyler, Business Insider.

b. "Dr. Politics examines Hillary." - Roger Simon, Politico.

c. "A governor retrenches on a big idea." - Campbell Robertson, New York Times.

d. "Hey Congress, get immigration reform done." -- Julian Castro, Politico.

e. "The Preacher's Kid: The early years of Scott Walker." -- Cindy Kilkenny, Urban Milwaukee.

f. "The Hillary Doctrine: Women's rights are a national security issue." -- Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, The Atlantic.

A parody of Call the Midwife.