Friday, April 5, 2013

Steven Ertelt builds a candidate for Prez16

Steven Ertelt, founder of

It's time for Build-a-Prez -- the presidential themed construction project that gets a top conservative or liberal thought leader to craft their ideal presidential candidate for 2016.

Today we've got Steven Ertelt, the founder and editor of, the largest pro-life site on the internet. Steven also serves on the board of directors as Vice President of Colorado Citizens for Life.

So what does his perfect candidate look like?

Steven writes...

Ronald Reagan (photo: Warner Brothers)

IDEOLOGY of Ronald Reagan.

"It’s a cliché for any Republican or conservative to use Reagan as the standard for a potential GOP presidential candidate, but the fact remains that his three-legged stool philosophy is the benchmark for what a presidential candidate should be.

The Republican Party operates best when social conservatives, fiscal conservatives and foreign policy conservatives work hand in hand. When the nominee makes any of these three groups feel alienated (see 2008, 2012) turnout is depressed and we lose."

William F. Buckley

BRAINS of William F. Buckley, Jr.

"I considered Jefferson and Locke here, but Buckley had a masterful command of both conservative principles as well as the English language. There’s a reason he could weigh in on any political topic with a rare combination of thoughtfulness and levity."

Bill Clinton (photo: Clinton Foundation)

CHARISMA of Bill Clinton.

"Let’s face it, as a politician Bill Clinton made up for in charisma and the ability to connect with any one voter or group of voters what he severely lacked in personal character.

In a political era dominated by voters voting with their heart over their head, Clinton was the master at feel-good voting. Most Republican presidential candidates lack this ability to make voters seem like they really care – even though they do. Clinton had it down to a science."

Matt Drudge


"Like him or not, Drudge is a genius at being able to take any political topic and maximize the mileage the Right can gain from it.

There’s a good reason why conservatives are so frequently following his lead. If the GOP were as aggressive in exploiting and highlighting political issues the way Drudge does, we’d be making more progress. He sometimes bombs but frequently has a good eye for what can gain ground."

Lisa Rose, pro-life activist

LOOKS of Lila Rose from the pro-life group, Live Action Films.

"If only voters went by looks, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would be in the White House. The Republican side also has so many attractive women that should dispel the notion of the GOP as the party of old men.

Politicos like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, TV talking heads like Megyn Kelly or Kimberly Guilfoyle or Andrea Tanataros, writers like Katie Pavlich or SE Cupp.

But I’m going to settle on fellow pro-life activist Lila Rose. If you don’t know her, look her up – she’s young, telegenic, well-spoken. She’s stunning, inside and out."

California (photo: Rex Foundation)

HOMESTATE of California.

"California. We’ve got to find a way to rehabilitate the GOP on the Pacific Coast, in the nation’s largest state, and with Hispanic voters. The key to winning back the White House lies not with the industrial Midwest, but with the West."


Thanks, Steven!

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