Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gingrich on 2016: "I don't know"

Newt Gingrich is in South Carolina today, where he sat down to talk with the Columbia Patch's Shawn Drury.

A few highlights.

1. Gingrich says "I don't know" when asked if he might run for president in 2016 (btw, it obviously behooves political figures out of office to keep their name in prez speculation).

2. Newt says 2014 will help shape the 2016 field.

"If Scott Walker wins reelection in Wisconsin, he's going to run. If John Kasich wins reelection in Ohio, he'll probably win. If Rick Perry wins reelection in Texas, he'll probably run."

3. In a postmortem, he calls Romney's 2012 "self-deportation" chatter indefensible.

 "Frankly, if you have a candidate who either isn't prepared to defend what they believe or believes things that are indefensible, you've got a big problem.

I said, for example, on immigration issues.... I said what I thought was blatantly obvious -- that we're not going to deport grandmothers. It's not conceivable. This country has too big a heart to do that. Well, both Romney and Santorum said 'Well, of course, we would'."

4. The ambient noises in the interview are amazing.