Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


a. "Cruz 2016: The freshman senator is considering a run for president." -- Robert Costa, National Review.

b. "Paul Ryan now supports right of same-sex couples to adopt." -- Justin Sink, The Hill.

c. "Marco Rubio: Gang of Eight's immigration bill can't pass the House." -- Seung Min Kim, Politico.

d. "Chris Christie keeps Mitt Romney ad man, hires new one." -- Maggie Haberman, Politico.

e. "Poll: Christie is Republicans' third choice to run for president." -- Matt Friedman, Star-Ledger.

f. "GOP 2016 poll: Marco Rubio slightly ahead." -- Kevin Robillard, Politico.

g. One of Susana Martinez's strongest potential Democratic foes in 2014, Hector Balderas, won't challenge her.

h. "Kelly Ayotte on defense over gun vote." -- Manu Raju, Politico.

i. "Controversial radio host pushing anti-Rubio protests in Florida." -- Matt Lewis, Daily Caller.

j. RE: Rubio and DeMint: "Immigration splits Senator from Mentor." -- Ashley Parker, New York Times.

k. "Sen. Ted Cruz to be featured guest at New York GOP dinner." -- Joanna Raines, Houston Chronicle.

l. "Can Ted Cruz attract big money donors." -- David Frum, The Daily Beast.

m. "Gov. Bobby Jindal: $340M more from BP for Gulf restoration." -- The AP.

n. "Legislative committee declines to buck Jindal on public records access." -- The Times-Picayune.

o. "Chris Christie drops $1.2 million on first reelection TV ad." -- Shushannah Walshe, ABC News.

And here's the ad.


a. "Supporters plan rally for Hillary Clinton's expected Naples visit." -- Naples News.

b. "Hillary Clinton to speak at Axelrod's epilepsy event." -- Maggie Haberman, Politico.

c. "Hillary Clinton biopic aimed at potential presidential campaign." -- Ben Child, The Guardian.

d. "Poll: Hillary Clinton lapping potential Democratic field." -- Paul Steinhauser, CNN.

e. "Kirsten Gillibrand kicks off ambitious 2014 fundraising campaign in NY." -- Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 176.