Monday, May 13, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


Hillary Clinton:

a. "Right mauls Hillary Clinton over envoy's murder in Benghazi." -- Toby Harnden, The Sunday Times. 

c. "Hillary Clinton looks good for nomination, Nate Silver says." -- Tom Tolan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

f. "Dick Durbin: Benghazi 'caught up' in 2016." -- Meghashyam Mali, The Hill. 

g. "Darrell Issa: Clinton's 'not a target'." -- The Daily Beast. 

h. "Mother of slain Benghazi official to Hillary: 'Happy Mother's Day'." Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller.

i. "A powerful voice for women around the world." -- Isobel Coleman, New York Times. 

j. "Clintons freeze out Weiner." -- NY Post. 

The rest:
b. "Freshman Senator with senior pluck takes on the financial industry." -- Jim Puzzanghera, LA Times.

c. "Castro cruises to third term as mayor." -- Josh Baugh, My San Antonio.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 188


Rand Paul:

c. "Rand Paul's early state majo." -- Alexander Burns, Politico.

d. "Rand Paul: Obama helping 'anti-American globalists plot against our constitution." -- Alana Horowtiz, The Huffington Post.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Rising star Rubio takes left turn." -- Holly Robichaud, The Boston Herald.

b. "Marco Rubio's theater of the absurd." -- John Bennett, The American Thinker.

c. "Buchanan: 'Rubio has bet his presidential hopes" on outcome of immigration reform." -- RCP. 

d. "Rubio's high-stakes push for immigration reform." -- Dan Balz, Washington Post.

Chris Christie:

b. "Paul, Jindal lay groundwork with GOP in early voting states." -- Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times.

The rest:

a. "Bob McDonnell to sign transportation tax hikes with fanfare." -- Steve Contorno, Washington Examiner.

b. "Nikki Haley's rocky governorship." -- Emily Schultheis, Politico.

c. "NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte calls for full-scale Benghazi investigation." -- Bill Smith, New Hampshire Union Leader.