Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

The Prince and the Former Prosecutor (Mark Twain's dud of a sequel)


a. "Christie gives Prince Harry a fleece." -- Caitlin McDevitt, Politico.

b. "Prince Harry tours storm-damaged New Jersey shore, visits NYC, plays ball with kids and Yankee." -- The AP.

c. "Bergen County exec: Christie was right to veto early voting bill." -- S.P. Sullivan, New Jersey Star-Ledger.

d. "Ryan has no doubts about Benghazi coverup." -- Wisconsin Radio Network

e. "Rubio: Recent controversies 'things you typically see in the third world." -- Justin Sink, The Hill.

f. "Rubio to push biometric system in U.S. Senate immigration bill." -- Caren Bohan and Rachelle Younglai, Reuters.

g. "Strain shows between Rubio, Gang of Eight on immigration reform legislation." -- Alexander Bolton, The Hill.

h. "Kasich: I'm not giving up on Medicaid expansion." -- Carl Weiser, Cincinnati Enquirer.

i. "McDonnell, Bolling to miss GOP convention." -- Julian Walker, The Virginian Pilot.

j. "Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Bobby Jindal call for firings at IRS." -- Jason Stein, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

k. "Walker: Internet sales tax would help lower income tax." -- Richard Ryman, Green Bay Press Gazette.

l. "Walker approval rating at 51%." -- The AP.

m. "Walker meets with Dalai Lama before speech." -- The AP.

n. "Medicaid expansion resolution fails in Louisiana House health committee." -- Sheila Kumar, The Times-Picayune.

o. "Rand Paul, fusionist." -- Paul Mirengoff, Powerline.

p. "Rand Paul: DOJ should have sought warrant from judge for AP phone records." -- Alexis Levinson, The Daily Caller.

k. "Rand Paul 2016: Paul throws libertarians under the bus in outreach to evangelicals." -- Mike Riggs, Policy Mic.

r. "Is Ted Cruz the dream date for Iowa conservatives in 2016?" -- Wayne Slater, Dallas Morning News.

s. "Just tells us the truth, Mr. President." -- Ted Cruz, Washington Examiner.


Marquette Law School poll of GOP Wisconsin voters.

1. Paul Ryan 27%

2. Marco Rubio 21%

3. Scott Walker 16%.

4. Chris Christie 11%

5. Rand Paul 7%

6. Jeb Bush 5%

7. Bobby Jindal 1%.

Hillary Clinton leads all Republican challengers in Wisconsin, although Paul Ryan comes closest, losing 48%-44%.

POLL: New England College survey of New Hampshire.

1. Marco Rubio 17%

2. Jeb Bush 16%

3. Rand Paul 15%

4. Chris Christie and Paul Ryan 12%


a. "Hillary Clinton's policy on Sunday morning political shows is stunningly correct." -- Jason Linkins, Huffington Post.

b. "Hillary Clinton has the most to lose from Obama's scandals." -- Josh Kraushaar, National Journal.

c. "Racy Hillary Clinton film is not 'Fifty Shades of Rodham': scriptwriter." -- Sydney Morning Herald.

d. "Joe Biden backs chocolate-bullet policy proposal." -- Reliable Source, Washington Post.

e. "Truth-bombing Joe Biden's chocolate bullet claims." -- Dan Amira, New York Magazine.

f.  "Archbishop presses Cuomo over abortion." -- Jesse McKinley, New York Times.

g. "Elizabeth Warren's student loan petition garners more than 250,000 signatures." -- Caroline Fairchild, The Huffington Post.

h. "Elizabeth Warren's playbook to win over young voters." -- Elahe Izadi, National Journal.

i. "Sen. Warren targets Wall Street Settlements." -- Andrew Ackerman, Washington Wire.

j. "Colorado child welfare bill signed by Gov. Hickenlooper." -- Jordan Steffen, Denver Post.

k. "Sen. Gillibrand leads charge to change Pentagon sex-assault policy." -- Jeremy Herb, The Hill.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 190.