Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Rubio up 1% in national GOP primary, down 13% to Hillary in Virginia

For your morning... news in 2016-land.


Quinnipiac poll of Virginia:

Hillary Clinton 51% Marco Rubio 38%

Hillary Clinton 50% Paul Ryan 40%

Mark Warner 51% Marco Rubio 33%.

PPP poll of national GOP primary: Marco Rubio 16%....Jeb Bush and Chris Christie 15%....Rand Paul 14%.... Paul Ryan 9%..... Ted Cruz 7%..... Rick Santorum 5%....Bobby Jindal 3%....Susana Martinez 1%.

a. "Democrats: We can call Rubio's bluff on immigration reform." -- Alexander Bolton, The Hill.

b. "Marco Rubio ducks genuine debate over his amnesty legislation." -- Paul Mirengoff, Powerline.

c. "Rubio's financial disclosure shows $800K book advance." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

d. "Rubio: Sen. Hatch's support of immigration bill would be 'huge asset'." -- Jennifer Martinez, The Hill.

e. "Rubio blames IRS scandal on Obama's 'culture of intimidation'." -- William Gibson, Orlando Sentinel.

f. "Rubio, Nelson split on water resources bill." -- Mark Holan, Tampa Bay Business Journal.

g. "Dems object as Christie clan stars in publicly funded tourism ads." -- Jenna Portnoy, Star-Ledger.

h. "Chamber survey shows execs have strong support for Christie." -- Mary Ann Bourbeau, New Jersey Business Journal.

i. "Portman to Obama: Come clean." -- Robert Costa, National Review.

j. "Conservative group expands ad buy defending Kelly Ayotte." -- Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill.

k. Brian Sandoval likes Rubio's immigration reform push -- David Drucker, Roll Call.


PPP poll of Democratic primary: Hillary Clinton 63%....Joe Biden 13%....Andrew Cuomo 4%....Mark Warner and Elizabeth Warren 3%....Martin O'Malley 2%.

Quinnipiac poll of Virginia:

Hillary Clinton 51% Marco Rubio 38%

Hillary Clinton 50% Paul Ryan 40%

Mark Warner 51% Marco Rubio 33%.

a. "Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm gets behind effort to draft Hillary in 2016." -- Cameron Joseph, The Hill.

b. "Cory Booker scores contributions from famous athletes." -- Kevin Brennan, National Journal.

c. "Stuart Stevens: Hillary Clinton will lose the 2016 Democratic primary." -- Jonathan Strong, National Review.

d. "Harry Reid: The nomination is Hillary's if she wants it." -- Brian Beutler, TPM.

e. "Axelrod: GOP trying to bully Clinton out of 2016 run." -- Jonathan Easley, The Hill.

f. "Sen. Gillibrand focuses on family issues to raise her brand." -- Alisa Chang, NPR.

g. "Gov. Cuomo announces $760 million for New York." -- Matt Porter, WBNG.

h. "Yes, Joe Biden, there is a legal reason you can't tax video games." -- Dave Thier, Forbes.

i. "What's Biden buying?" -- Zeke Miller, Time.

j. "President Hickenlooper? No thanks, say Coloradans." -- Greg Campbell, The Daily Caller.

k. "For at least one day, Hickenlooper pleases Colorado environmentalists." -- Eli Stokols, Fox 31.

l. "O'Malley plans to sign Maryland gun control transportation bills Thursday." -- John Wagner, Washington Post.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 191.