Monday, May 20, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Rand Paul is in New Hampshire today to speak at a dinner with Reince Priebus (photo: Gage Skidmore)

a. "Rand Paul gets an early start on 2016 in New Hampshire." -- Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times.

b. "Rand Paul 2016?" -- Erin Smith, Boston Herald.

c. "Paul: We need to treat Tripoli and Benghazi like Baghdad." -- Andrew Johnson, National Review.

d. "On CNN, Sen. Rand Paul suggests IRS has 'written policy' about targeting people 'opposed to the president'." -- Meenal Vamburkar, Mediaite.

e. "Rand Paul: IRS scandal 'tragic' and 'humorous'." -- Todd Beamon, Newsmax.

f. "Rand Paul likens Benghazi to 'tragic errors' that led to 'Black Hawk Down'." -- Jeff Poor, The Daily Caller.

g. "Rubio predicts Obama's policies will fail miserably." -- Javier Manjarres, The Shark Tank.

h. "Political opposites Barack Obama, Scott Walker are ratings twins." -- Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Jounral-Sentinel.

i. "Silicon Valley's unlikely new favorite cause: Gov. Christie." -- Matt Katz, Philadelphia Inquirer.

j. "Christie attempts to woo the Latino vote." -- Steven Hart, Philly Burbs.

k. "Dems warn Christie will tack right if reelected." - -Matthew Arco, PolitickerNJ.

l. "Buono broke in N.J. as donors see Christie challenge as futile." -- Terrence Dopp and Elise Young, Businessweek.

m. "Paul Ryan: Obama's second term marred by 'arrogance of power'." -- Newsmax.

n. "Paul Ryan: IRS connection to ObamaCare is 'rotten to the core'." -- David Edwards, The Raw Story.

o. "Paul Ryan on Benghazi: 'I don't know' if there was a cover-up." -- Zach Carter, Huffington Post.

p. "Cost of Scott Walker's Medicaid plan increases." -- The AP.

q. "Walker downplays visit to Iowa." -- Mary Spicuzza, Wisconsin State Journal.

r. "At VA convention, Jindal says GOP should 'get over ourselves' and move forward." -- Ben Pershing, Washington Post.

s. "Kasich rival to attack cuts in local funding." -- Joe Vardon, The Columbus Dispatch.

t. "Sen. Portman: IRS will need special counsel." -- Meghashyam Mali, The Hill.

u. "Haley, Sheheen push S.C. government overhaul bill." -- Seanna Adcox, The Augusta Chronicle.


a. "Four key Hillary Clinton staffers from 2008 unlikely to sign on for 2016 bid." -- Jason Horowitz, Washington Post.

b. "The 10 P.M. phone call: Clinton and Obama discussed Benghazi. What did they say?" -- Andrew McCarthy, National Review.

c. "Biden to speak at Coast Guard Academy graduation." -- The AP.

d. "Kirsten Gillibrand pushes to ease student loan debt burdens." -- The AP.

e. "After months of decline, Cuomo's rating ticks upward." -- Erica Orden, Wall Street Journal.

g. "Cuomo threatens to sue a Kardashian." -- Kevin Cirilli, Politico.

h. "Cory Booker speaks to Yale grads." -- William Weir, Hartford Courant.

i. "Despite scandals, Elizabeth Warren, others say they're still keeping the faith." -- Antonio Planas and Laurel Sweet, The Boston Herald.

j. "Gov. Hickenlooper signs four bills aimed at helping Colorado outdoors." -- Randy Wyrick, Denver Post.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 195.