Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

John Hickenlooper's march leftward continues (photo: World Economic Forum)


a. "Hillary Clinton accepts humanitarian award in NYC." -- The AP.

b. "Hillary Clinton to close out 2013 NACS show." -- CSNews.

c. "Michelle Obama overtakes Hillary Clinton in list of the world's most powerful women." -- Daily Mail.

d. "Lanny Davis: IRS scandal threatens to kill Hillary's 2016 bid." -- Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner.

e. "Biden: Offshore oil drilling threatens environmental security." -- Reid Epstein, Politico.

f. "Senators Mark Warner and Time Kaine hope to end offshore drilling ban." -- Todd Allen Wilson, Daily Press.

g. "Publisher: Sen. Elizabeth Warren has book deal; release planned for spring 2014." -- The AP.

h. "Andrew Cuomo calls for tax-free zones around SUNY campuses." -- The AP.

i. "Governor John Hickenlooper delays execution of Nathan Dunlap." -- Blair Shiff, Robert Garrison, KUSA-TV.

j. "Cory Booker hosts Twitter town hall on immigration reform." -- David Giambusso, Star-Ledger.

k. "Amy Klobuchar asks Bernanke a great question and the Fed chairman has no good answer." -- Matt Yglesias, Slate.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 198. 


Scott Walker is in Iowa today.

a. "Scott Walker talking to Iowa GOP activists; 2016 presidential run in sight?" -- The AP.

b. "Ted Cruz's path from George W. Bush adviser to immigration reform opponent." -- Beth Reinhard, National Journal.

c. "Sen. Ted Cruz: 'I don't trust the Republicans'." -- Ramsey Cox, The Hill.

d. "Rubio: 'I do not have trust in Washington D.C." -- Byron York, Washington Examiner.

e. "Rubio, McCain spar over debt limit." -- Ian Tuttle, The Corner.

f. "Marco Rubio calls for more IRS hearings." -- Breanna Edwards, Politico.

g. "When Barack retweeted Jeb: Bipartisan immigration reform goes coast-to-coast." -- Marc Caputo, Miami Herald.

h. "Paul Ryan to write book." -- Robert Costa, National Review.

i. "Ken Cuccinelli ordered probe of Bob McDonnell." -- Emily Schultheis, Politico.

j. "Immigrant rights activists rally outside Cruz's office to protest his vote against immigration reform." -- Nicole Narea, Houston Chronicle.

k. "Jeb Bush, rumored GOP presidential hopeful, schedules Grand Rapids book signing" for next week. -- Zane McMillin, Michigan Live.

l. "Buono goes after Christie in first TV ad." -- Sean Sullivan, Washington Post.  VIDEO: Here's the ad.

m. "Christie up with second negative ad." -- Darryl Isherwood, Politicker NJ. Here's the ad.

n. "Chris Christie reelection backed increasingly by Democrats." -- John Celock, Huffington Post.

o. "Christie urges no retribution for Oklahoma senators who voted against Sandy aid bill." -- MaryAnn Spoto, Star-Ledger.

p. "Chris Christie: Despite shortfall, tax cut can be achieved." -- Matthew Arco, Politicker NJ.

q. "Plan may save Kasich Medicaid expansion." -- Lisa Bernard-Kuhn and Chrissie Thompson, Cincinnati Enquirer.

r. "Thune: Lerner taking The Fifth suggests 'an admission of guilt'." -- Andrew Johnson, National Review.

s. "Jon Huntsman creating new PAC, testing the waters." -- Byron Tau, Politico.

t. "Rand Paul vs. the Apple Tax witch-hunters." -- John Hayward, Human Events.

u. "Rand Paul's risks." -- W. James Antle III, The American Conservative.

v. "Rand Paul speaks out about possible presidential run." -- WDRB.

w. "Sen. Rand Paul looks to bar warrantless drone spying." -- Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times.

x. "Jindal-backed retirement change delayed by a year." -- Melinda Deslatte, The AP.

y. In Louisiana, "Medicaid bills rejected by House." -- Marsha Shuler and Mark Ballard, The Advocate.

z. "McAuliffe touts work with McDonnell in new ad." -- Cameron Joseph, The Hill.