Friday, May 3, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Joe Biden is in South Carolina tonight and isn't about to back down on gun control (photo: Pete Souza)

Enlist your DVR for the purpose for which it was made -- C-SPAN's venerable "Road to the White House 2016" starts today with coverage of Joe Biden and Ted Cruz's speeches in South Carolina.

And here's where everyone else is going over the next few months.


a. "Joe Biden planning fresh gun control push." -- Reid Epstein, Politico.

b. "Vice President Biden giving remarks at SC Democrats' annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner."  --  The AP.

c. "Vice President Biden expected Friday at Congressman Clyburn's fish fry." -- Jamie Self, The State.

d. "Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event." -- Maggie Haberman, Politico.

e. "Behind Andrew Cuomo's book bout with Fredric Dicker." -- Marc Tracy, New Republic.

f. "Norpac raises funds for Cory Booker in Englewood." -- Robert Wiener, New Jersey Jewish Standard.

g. "Hillary Clinton to appear in Beverly Hills for award and speech." -- Maeve Reston, LA Times.

h. Martin O'Malley "signs death penalty repeal." -- Nick Dutton, WTVR.

i. "Hillary Clinton or not, Emily's List ready for 'Madam President'." -- Shushannah Walshe, ABC News.

j. "Is America ready for a female president -- or just Hillary?" -- Michelle Cottle, The Daily Beast.

k. "Why Hillary's competitors should jump in NOW." -- Chris Matthews, MSNBC.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 178.


a. "The immigration reform opportunity." -- Marco Rubio, Wall Street Journal.

b. "Twitchy getting to you? Rubio's chief of staff protects his Twitter account." -- Twitchy.

c. "Sen. Cruz: No plans for a presidential run." -- Teresa Woodard, WFAA.

d. "The Rand Machine ramps up." -- Robert Costa, National Review.

e. "New York Democrats advertise a New York Republican invitation to Ted Cruz." -- Reid Pillifant, Capital New York.

f. "Gov. Bobby Jindal-backed voucher program grows by 3,000." -- The AP.

g. "Strassel: About those conservative squishes." -- Kim Strassel, WSJ.

h. "Gov. Kasich pushes a billion-dollar rebate from Bureau of Workers' Comp." -- M.L. Schultze, WKSU.

i. "Jeb Bush is sticking to his guns on parent trigger bill." -- Gina Jordan, WLRN.

j. "Christie signs overdose law, Bon Jovi applauds it." -- Samantha Henry, Courier-Post.

k. "Dem running for NJ gov details gun control plank." -- The AP.

And National Review previewed its latest cover yesterday.