Friday, May 31, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Hillary's ratings fall back to earth


Hillary Clinton:

Q poll: Hillary leads Rand and Jeb, but her favorability rating has dropped substantially. Biden, meanwhile, falls to both Rand and Jeb.

a. "Poll: Clinton's favorability ratings drop." -- Ashley Killough, CNN.

b. "Hillary Clinton's high fashion moment." -- Sarah Karmali, Vogue.

c. "Hillary Clinton hires longtime associate Maura Pally." -- Maggie Haberman, Politico.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Cuomo juices pitch to waive taxes for businesses." -- Adam Sichko, Business Review.

b. "SUNY student assembly leaders support Gov. Andrew Cuomo's tax-free NY proposal." -- Robert Harding, Auburnpub.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "O'Malley touts 'better results' in Maryland in speech to national think tank." -- John Wagner, Washington Post.

b. "O'Malley touts state economy in address on middle class." -- John Fritze, The Baltimore Sun.

c. "O'Malley criticizes policies of national GOP." -- The AP.

d. "Maryland governor says progressive change possible in every state." -- Josh Israel, Think Progress.

e. In Maryland, "drive to overturn death penalty repeal in trouble, lawmaker acknowledges." -- John Wagner, Washington Post.

John Hickenlooper:

a. Colorado "Senate President John Morse on Dunlap: 'I might have made a different decision'." -- Lynn Bartels, Denver Post.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 206. 


Chris Christie:

a. "Five past N.J. governors back Barchi and Christie in recent Rutgers flap." -- Jenna Portnoy, Star-Ledger.

b. "Gov. Christie will rally Bergen Republicans with pre-primary event in Hackensack." -- S.P. Sullivan,

c. "Governor Christie announces largest construction school grant in NJ history." -- Newsroom New Jersey.

d. "Senators call for leadership from Christie on Rutgers." -- Anthony Bellano, East Brunswick Patch.

e. "Gun control bills Ok'd by NJ Senate, head for Gov. Chris Christie." -- The AP.

f. "White House features Obama's brotherly handshake with Christie." -- Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets.

g. "Democrats still dominate NJ voter rolls." -- John Schoonejongen, The Daily Journal.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Rubio eyes adding specifics of enforcement plan to immigration bill." -- Jonathan Strong, National Review.

b. "Marco Rubio message leaves supporters of immigration bill unsettled." -- Caren Bohan, Reuters.

c. "Florida billboard attacks 'Rubio-Obama amnesty'." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

d. "George W. Bush on Rubio: 'My brother likes him, so I like him'." -- Justin Sink, The Hill.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Ted Cruz: DOJ case 'without precedent'." -- Rebecca Elliott, Politico.

b. "Texas tea party Sen. Ted Cruz gets mixed welcome at New York talk." -- Adam Edelman, NY Daily News.

c. "Ted Cruz is turning out to be a very skillful demagogue." -- Greg Sargent, Washington Post.

d. "Who is not to trust? Why Ted Cruz is right." -- Alfred Regnery, Breitbart.

e. "Cruz: Holder 'absolutely' should resign amid controversies." -- Justin Sink, The Hill.

Paul Ryan:

a. "Ann Romney: We're 'partial to Paul Ryan' in 2016." -- Rachel Weiner, Washington Post.

b. "Ryan doesn't rule out tying debt ceiling deal to budget." -- David Drucker, Washington Examiner.

Scott Walker:

a. "Looking to 2016, Iowa GOP gets jazzed about Scott Walker of Wisconsin." -- Byron York, Washington Examiner.

b. "Walker, lawmakers discussing voucher deal." -- The AP.

Bobby Jindal:

a. "Lifetime concealed handgun permits become the law in Louisiana." -- Lauren McGaughy, Times-Picayune.

b. "School safety bill passes Senate panel as Gov. Bobby Jindal signs another into law." -- Lauren McGaughy, Times-Picayune.

c. "Ban on so-called 'telemedicine abortions' approved" in Louisiana. -- The AP.

d. "Jindal approves ban on tweeting while driving." -- The AP.

Rand Paul:

a. "Rand Paul: Syrian rebel aid 'dangerous'." -- Katie Glueck, Politico.

b. "Rand Paul seeks Silicon Valley funds." -- Danny Yadron, Wall Street Journal.

c. "Just look at this photo of Ron and Rand Paul's family with Reagan in 1976." -- David Graham, The Atlantic.

d. "Why the ZOA hearts Rand Paul." -- Ron Kampeas, JTA. 

The rest:

a. "Gov. Martinez's fired campaign manager indicted on federal charges." -- Steve Mieczkowski, KOB.

b. "Will Perry run again? And if so, for what?" -- Jay Root, Texas Tribune.

c. "Kasich wraps up tour at small fundraiser." -- Joe Vardon, The Columbus Dispatch.

d. "Planned parenthood and Kasich." -- Joe Vardon, The Columbus Dispatch.

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