Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


"Marco Rubio knocks Hillary Clinton on Benghazi." -- Kevin Cirilli, Politico.

a. "Top White House aide has a secret beer with Paul Ryan." -- Michael Scherer, Time.

b. "What Rubio wants out of immigration markup." -- David Drucker, Roll Call.

c. "Does Rush Limbaugh stand a chance against Marco Rubio?" -- Molly Redden, The New Republic.

d. "Rubio says he'll 'strongly oppose' Obama's labor secretary nominee Perez." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

e. "Rubio says Super PACs helped drive his push for moving Florida primary." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

f. "Rubio meeting softens immigration skeptic's view." -- David Drucker, Roll Call.

g. "Rubio shows support for Ayotte online." -- New Here's the site for Ayotte.

h. "Ted Cruz signals irreconcilable opposition to Gang of 8 immigration plan with amendments barring citizenship, government aid." -- Richard Dunham, Texas on the Potomac.

i. "Does Ted Cruz trust Paul Ryan?" -- Niels Lesniewski, Roll Call.

j. "Why we don't really know if Ted Cruz is allowed to be president." -- Jeb Golinkin.

k. "Sorry, Bill Richardson: Ted Cruz is plenty Hispanic." -- Ruben Navarrette, CNN.

l. "Benghazi eight months later." -- Ted Cruz.

m. "Meet Democrats' newest Republican crush: Ted Cruz?!?!" -- Brian Beutler, TPM.

n. "Poll: Half of nation's Republican voters are still 'not sure' about Ted Cruz." -- Alison Sullivan,
Houston Chronicle.

o. "Ted Cruz leads the Twitter pack in Texas." -- David Hawkings, Roll Call.

p. "Ted Cruz has all the right enemies." -- Brent Bozell, CNS News.

q. "Chris Christie's appeal." -- Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.

r. "GOP star Christie holding more events with Dems." -- David Porter and Geoff Mulvihill, NBC New York.

s. "Gov. John Kasich urges heightened awareness of mental illness issue to show need to expand Medicaid." -- Robert Higgs, The Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

t. "Chris Christie and climate skeptics." -- Kevin Mooney, American Spectator.

u. "NRA spends $25K on TV ad backing Ayotte." -- Michael Brindley, New Hampshire News.

v. "Kasich would back Medicaid ballot issue." -- Catherine Candisky, Columbus Dispatch.


a. "Hicks: Clinton confidante was 'very upset' over my cooperating in investigation." -- National Review.

b. "White House defends Hillary Clinton, blasts Republicans' 'attempts to politicize Benghazi'." -- Meenal Vamburkar, Mediaite.

c. "The Benghazi hearing: A pre-2016 swipe at Hillary Clinton?" -- Harold Maass, The Week.

d. "Benghazi whistleblower answers Clinton: It did make a difference." -- Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner.

e. "The GOP's Hillary problem." -- Brent Budowksy, The Hill.

f. "Hillary Clinton absent from Benghazi hearing, but 'what difference' words were looming." -- Guy Taylor, Washington Times.

g. "Hillary Clinton accepts public service award in Beverly Hills." -- CBS.

h. "Biden said to suggest Keystone opposition in impromptu chat." -- Jim Snyder, Businessweek.

h. "Joe Biden: Immigration fix this summer." -- Katie Glueck, Politico.

i. "Elizabeth Warren: Students shouldn't pay a higher rate than banks." -- Sarah Muller, MSNBC.

j. "O'Malley expects more firings in wake of prison scandal." -- Robert Lang, WBAL.

k. "Cuomo: No deal yet on new anti-corruption measures." -- The AP.

l. "Cuomo announces NY Tourism campaign." (biggest ever). -- WETM TV.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 184.