Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Jersey finds a Democrat willing to help Buono

Via BuzzFeed, here's New Jersey Democrat, Barbara Buono, talking up Cory Booker's assist in her quest to oust Chris Christie.

"He has been wonderful. He told me, 'There's no such thing as over-asking.' Direct quote.... Whatever we want he said he'd do."

Btw, so far, Buono's strategy seems to be to pick as many fights as possible with Christie. That's a well-worn strategy for underdogs, but Christie could be uniquely vulnerable to the attacks, thanks to his volcanic, Mt. Christie tendencies.

In fact, you've got to think that Buono's best shot is to get under Christie's skin, and goad him into acting like a brat/bully at a debate.

Speaking of Buono's incessant attacks, here's my favorite of the past two days.

After Christie unveiled his first campaign ad with the line, "He made us proud to say we're from New Jersey", Buono poked that she's always been proud to be from New Jersey.

That sort of needless sniping won't win Buono votes, BUT her best hope is that the sniping finally reaches critical mass and Christie explodes and does something damaging to himself.