Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Susana Martinez is even more popular with women than men

A new poll puts New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez's approval rating with women at 70% and her approval rating with men at 62%.

It's not just rare for a Republican to score higher with women than men, it's outright dizzying that the GOPer is doing it in New Mexico -- a blue state where only 41% of women voted for Mitt Romney.  

Her approval with Democrats is also strong and currently sits at 44%.

One more thing about that approval rating: Martinez has earned despite some fairly vicious attacks from powerful Democratic partisans in the state -- attacks that haven't gained any traction with the public. The question: Is this just a protracted honeymoon or is Martinez genuinely that impervious to slings and arrows? We'll get a better sense in her all-but-certain second term.

Martinez has been fairly quiet on the national stage, but she recently took an out-of-state fundraising jaunt for her reelection bid, and more notably, is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at Ohio's annual GOP dinner in June.

Totally overlooked darkhorse. Not only is she the demographic holy grail (Hispanic female), she's also accrued a conservative record with a centrist streak that would sell well in a general election. 

[Hat tip: Reid Wilson]