Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where the Ted Cruz = Jim DeMint comparison breaks down

A former aide to Jim DeMint points out a key difference between his erstwhile boss and Ted Cruz.

Via Scott Conroy at RCP (emphasis added).

Adding to Cruz’s challenge, not every DeMint acolyte is yet convinced that the Texan is a natural heir to the former South Carolina senator, who was urged to run for president in 2012 by many supporters but decided ultimately to pass.

“DeMint had never been a bomb-thrower -- he was much more careful with his rhetoric,” one former longtime DeMint aide told RCP.

“Cruz will say whatever he needs to push the envelope as far as he can. Ted Cruz talks like he’s a walking direct-mail piece.”

That's true.

DeMint wasn't abrasive or loud. He was South Carolina nice, even when talking about Waterloo, and remember -- he once told The Hill that Barack Obama was his favorite senator from the other side of the aisle to work with*.

I can't sign off, though, without this little bit of political zoology.

State Sen. Kevin Bryant, who endorsed Ron Paul ahead of last year’s presidential primary and is a leading figure in the state’s hard-right political circles, said he does not yet have a favorite between Rand Paul and Cruz, though he spoke glowingly of the latter.

.... “We have a pretty significant R.I.N.O. problem in South Carolina."

*So DeMint has found himself drawn, in one way or another, to working with historic, transformational figures (Rubio, Cruz, Obama), which fits into my long-standing thesis that he could be The Mastermind and Supreme Leader of the Bilderberg Group. Wouldn't that be a shocker? But of course that's how these things always are....

(J/K, of course).