Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why Katie O'Malley doesn't want you to call her "First Lady"

Catherine O'Malley (photo: Baltimore Style)

Martin O'Malley's wife, Katie, is a district court judge and also the subject of a fashion shoot and interview in Baltimore Style this week.

We all get tired of the actual candidates themselves, so it's great to learn more about their sometimes elusive spouses.

Here are a few zippy exchanges in Katie's interview with the magazine.

1. She's a little weirded out by "first lady."

You ask the troopers not to call you first lady, right?

We had a dog named Lady, and so I feel a little like a dog when people call me that! During the first term, I asked them to call me Katie but they wouldn’t, though one agreed to call me Judge. When Martin got elected for a second term, I said, ‘Please call me Katie. And if you don’t, I’m going to charge you a quarter each time you say, ‘first lady.’”

2. Her definition of cooking is like mine.

Do you miss cooking your own meals?

It’s a little intimidating to cook here because the stove and ovens are so large. So I microwave. I say, ‘Look, kids, mommy’s cooking!’

3. She's an Old Navy kind of girl in a Banana Republic kind of house.

"I am a bargain shopper. My daughters shop quality. I buy my makeup at CVS and they buy theirs at Nordstrom. I go to Old Navy and buy yoga pants while they go to Lululemon."

4. 2016.

Can you imagine yourself in the White House in four years?

I don’t know where I see myself in four years. I’m so focused on the present—there’s hardly time to breathe. I’ve always been supportive of Martin’s professional choices. So, we shall have to see what the future holds.

[Hat tip: Washington Post's John Wagner]