Monday, June 3, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

George Soros' hedge fund (!) donated to Chris Christie's campaign


Chris Christie:

a. "Major Democratic donors flock to Christie." -- Salvador Rizzo, The Star-Ledger.

b. "Christie makes $1.5 million ad buy heading into primary election." -- Jenna Portnoy, Star-Ledger.

c. "Ads target Christie for now and '16." -- Geoff Mulvihill, AP.

d. "Chris Christie spends $4.5 million on TV ads despite enormous lead." -- Charlie Connell, HNGN.

e. "Chris Christie is 'not going to change to impress anybody'." -- Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, People.

f. "Christie's proposed school voucher program at latest crossroads." -- John Mooney, NJ Spotlight.

Rand Paul:

a. "At Reagan library, Paul calls for 'bigger, more inclusive' Republican party." -- Russell Berman, The Hill.

b. "Rand Paul preaches sustainability." -- James Hohmann, Politico.

c. "Rand Paul at Reagan Library: For Obama, 'everywhere a scandal'." -- Maeve Reston, LA Times.

d. "Rand Paul takes dig at John McCain during speech at Reagan Library." -- Jason Pye, United Liberty.

e. "Rand Paul: More libertarian GOP can win blue states." -- W. James Antle III, The Daily Caller.

f. "Rand Paul and President Obama basically agree on drones." -- Bill Scher, The Week.

g. "Rand Paul and 'muscular positions' on foreign policy." -- Daniel Larison, American Conservative.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Ted Cruz's iffy statistic on weapons prosecutions." -- Glenn Kessler, Washington Post.

b. "Ted Cruz's personality problem." -- Jonathan Bernstein, Salon.

c. "The Cruz missile." -- Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Latino.

d. "Cruz-in' for a bruisin'." -- New York Post defends Cruz against critical NY GOPers.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are wrong about Marco Rubio." -- Ruben Navarrette, Indianapolis Star.

b. "Marco Rubio to address House conservatives on immigration reform." -- Tim Alberta, National Journal.

c. "Immigration questions House conservatives should ask Rubio." -- W. James Antle III, Daily Caller.

Bob McDonnell:

a. "After his first term as governor expires in 6 months, McDonnell tells AP he wants to try writing." -- Bob Lewis, AP.

b. "With transportation as legacy, McDonnell at peace." -- The AP.

c. "Restoring the vote in Virginia." -- New York Times editorial board gives two thumbs-up to McDonnell.

d. "NAACP leader, McDonnell praise cooperation on rights initiative." -- Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Susana Martinez:

a. "Martinez plans fundraiser in Washington, DC." -- The AP.

b. "Big names in GOP to attend Washington fundraiser for NM's Martinez." -- Rob Nikolewski, Kansas Watchdog.

c. "Martinez-Rubio: The GOP's 'Dream' ticket for 2016?" -- Martin Luz, Huffington Post.

John Kasich:

a. "Reagan's compassionate Medicaid expansion." -- John Kasich, USA Today.

b. "Ohio Senate resurrects Kasich's small-business tax cut, debate over its impact persists." -- Brandon Blackwell, Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

The rest:

a. "Jeb Bush to speak at World Business Forum 10th Anniversary." -- press release, Wall Street Journal.

b. "Jindal signs bill aimed at easing adoption rules." -- Littice Bacon-Blood, AP.


Hillary Clinton:

a. "David Plouffe: Hillary Clinton is the Democratic front-runner if she runs for president in 2016." -- Benjamin Bell, ABC News.

b. "Jessica Chastain denies Hillary Clinton rumors." -- Daniel Sperling, Digital Spy.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Tax-free zones will shatter New York's high tax reputation." -- Andrew Cuomo,

b. "Cuomo to attend meeting on his 'tax-free' NY plan." -- The AP.

c. "Abortion bill sets up fight in N.Y. Senate." -- Erica Orden, Wall Street Journal.

d. "NY Gov. Cuomo: 'We get threats all the time'." -- The AP.

e. "Gov. Cuomo's tax-free NY proposal is worth a shot to energize the upstate economy." -- editorial board.

f. "State GOP chairman takes digs at Cuomo." -- Dan Johnson, Newsday.

g. At Cuomo's order, "penalty for texting while driving to be harsher than speeding 20 mph over the limit." -- The AP.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "Petition drive to halt Maryland's death penalty repeal falls short." -- John Wagner, Washington Post.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Elizabeth Warren doubles Ed Markey fundraising goal." -- Mollie Reilly, Huffington Post.

b. "Student loan debt is a beast. Here are Elizabeth Warren's, President Obama's, and the GOP's plan to fix it." -- Erika Eichelberger, Maggie Severns, Brett Bownell, Mother Jones.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 209.