Monday, June 10, 2013

Good morning, 2016!


Rand Paul:

a. "Rand Paul's tough NSA moment." -- Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns, Politico.

b. "Paul walks fine line on NSA snooping." -- Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill.

c. "Rand Paul: NSA monitoring an 'extraordinary invasion of privacy'." -- Jonathan Topaz, Politico.

d. "Rand Paul: 'We'll challenge the NSA at the Supreme Court level'." -- Paul Szoldra, Business Insider.

e. "Rand Paul says he's key to uniting Senate, House on immigration." -- Megan Wilson, The Hill.

f. "McCain: Boston bombings proved Rand Paul wrong." -- Aaron Blake, Washington Post.

g. "Rand Paul and the rise of the libertarian Republican." -- Chris Cillizza, Aaron Blake, Washington Post.

h. "Rand Paul to promote charter schools in Philadelphia." -- Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner.

i. "McConnell, Paul vow to carry on fight for legalizing hemp." -- WKU public radio.

Chris Christie:

a. "Lawsuit challenges Chris Christie election decision." -- John Celock, Huffington Post.

b. "Chris Christie is smarter than you." -- Benjamin Brophy, Amerian Spectator.

c. "It was the Democrats, not Chris Christie, who made the big mistake on that special election." -- Paul Mulshine, Star-Ledger.

d. "For Christie, long-term benefits trump GOP gripes." -- Ken Thomas, Associated Press.

e. "Christie, Paul offer models for how GOP can compete in blue states." -- Dan Balz, Washington Post.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Marco Rubio more upbeat on immigration bill." -- Seung Min Kim, Politico.

b. "Marco Rubio: God's will be done on immigration reform." -- Charlie Spiering, Washington Examiner.

c. "New Hampshire GOP chairmen: Republicans should back immigration bill." -- Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times.

d. "Marco Rubio suggests NSA surveillance programs likely here to stay." -- Paige Lavender, Huffington Post.

e. "Rubio to continue 'dancing with the one that brung him'." -- Paul Mirengoff, Powerline.

f. "It's zero hour for Senate immigration bill." -- Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics.

Paul Ryan:

a. "Paul Ryan meets with Romney donors: 'Bow and arrow or shotgun'?" -- Maeve Reston, LA Times.

b. "GOP hopefuls court donors at Romney event." -- Jason Horowitz, Washington Post.

Scott Walker:

a. "Tammy Baldwin fires up Wisconsin Dems at convention." -- Todd Richmond, AP.

b. "Democrats take sharp aim at Scott Walker at annual convention." -- Don Walker, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

c. "Kind says no run for Wisconsin governor." --

Kelly Ayotte:

a. "Ayotte will support 'Gang of Eight' immigration bill." -- Arlette Saenz, ABC News.

b. "Ayotte support for immigration bill could assure filibuster-proof majority." -- Bill Smith, New Hampshire Union Leader.

c. "Another Schumer Republican who lied to get elected." -- Daniel Horowitz, Red State.

d. "On guns and more, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire backs GOP leaders as party profile grows." -- The AP.

e. "Ayotte: Legislation likely in military sexual assault scandal." -- Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Ted Cruz: Obama biggest obstacle to immigration reform, calls himself a 'proud wacko bird'." -- Jeff Zeleny, Richard Coolidge, and Jordyn Phelps, ABC.

b. "Father of Ted Cruz addresses Parker County Republican party." -- Brian Smith, Weatherford Democrat.

Susana Martinez:

a. "Martinez: King right on same-sex marriage ruling." -- The AP.

b. "Susana Martinez glad Whole Foods reviewing language policy after workers were suspended." -- Russell     Contreras, AP.

The rest:

a. "Ohio governor [John Kasich] trying again on fracking tax." -- Joe Vardon, Columbus Dispatch.

b. "Governor Jindal shares his thoughts on 2013 session." -- Bobby Jindal, KNOE.

c. "Conservatives helped derail Nikki Haley on ethics." -- Tim Smith, Greenville Online.


Hillary Clinton:

a. Gallup poll: "Hillary Clinton favorability slips slightly." -- Andrew Dugan, Gallup polling.

Joe Biden:

a. "VP tag team: Joe Biden, Al Gore to raise money for Democrat running in Massachusetts Senate race." -- The AP.

b. "Joe Biden's free-trade epiphany." -- Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Wall Street Journal.

Cory Booker:

a. "Norcross backs Booker for Senate." -- Matt Katz, Philadelphia Inquirer.

b. "Newark mayor Booker formally joins NJ Senate race." -- Angela Delli Santi, Associated Press.

c. "Newark Mayor Cory Booker vows to put party politics aside in Senate race." -- Melissa Hayes and Michael Linhorst." --

d. "Senate candidate Booker vows to fight for equality at Maplewood gay pride festival." -- Steve Strunksky, Star-Ledger.

e. "Zuckerberg plans fundraiser for Cory Booker." -- Elise Young, Bloomberg.

f. "Booker already target of national Republicans'." -- Jarrett Renshaw, Star-Ledger.

g. "The plan to take down Cory Booker." -- Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Governor Cuomo fights for women." -- New York Times editorial board.

b. "NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo is growing sick of Sheldon Silver: Insiders." -- Kenneth Lovett, NY Daily News.

c. "Pelosi backs Cuomo's women's agenda." -- Reid Pillifant, Capital New York.

d. "NY Gov. Cuomo likely to make changes to women's agenda." -- Jessica Bakeman, Press & Sun Bulletin.

e. "Cuomo aide emerges into public eye." -- Erica Orden, Wall Street Journal.

Kirsten Gillibrand:

a. "Kirsten's war." -- James Warren, New York Daily News.

b. "Gillibrand, Speier push for sexual assault legislation." -- Jonathan Topaz, Politico.

c. "Gillibrand continues push to end 'corrosive' era of abuse within military." -- CBS New York.

d. "Gillibrand's questionable sexual-assault proposal." -- Betsy Woodruff, National Review.

e. "Gillibrand calls for openness on PRISM program." -- Mark Phillips, WBFO.

f. "Environmentalists praise Gillibrand's bill to stop invasive species." -- Watertown Daily Times.

The rest:

a. "Sen. Warren: Congress must block student rate hike." -- The AP.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 216. 

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