Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Hillary's Twitter bio gets rave reviews


Hillary Clinton:

a. "Hillary Clinton tweets: 'I'll take it from here'." -- Hadas Gold, Politico.

b. "@HillaryClinton says future TBD." -- CNN.

c. "Hillary Clinton joins Twitter, jokingly describes herself as 'hair icon'." -- The AP.

d. "Hillary Clinton's Twitter bio is perfect, describes her as 'pantsuit aficionado'." -- Will Oremus, Slate.

e. "Hillary Clinton is on Twitter and it's amazing." -- Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon.

f. "Hillary Clinton on Twitter: 15 accounts she should follow." -- Emily Heil and David Beard, Washington Post.

g. "Hillary Clinton's possible presidential campaign has stunted House recruiting." -- Ruby Cramer, BuzzFeed.

h. "Hillary Rodham Clinton to speak in Los Angeles at American Jewish University." -- Press release.

i. PPP poll of Michigan: Hillary leads Chris Christie by 6%, leads Jeb Bush by 14%, leads Marco Rubio by 17%, and leads Rand Paul by 20%

Joe Biden:

a. "Biden headlines speakers' list for VA Dem. Dinner." -- The AP.

b. "Biden meets with Kosovo's prime minister, urges quick action on deal to normalize Serbia ties." -- The AP.

c. "Biden to conduct ceremonial swearing-in of [Energy Secretary Ernest] Moniz." -- Donovan Slack, Politico.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Cuomo's office won't release 2012 video satirizing his secrecy." -- Thomas Kaplan, New York Times.

b. "Without deals, Cuomo says he may extend legislative session." -- Jon Campbell, lohud.com.

c. "Skelos: Leaders 'very close on everything', except abortion bill." -- Jessica Bakeman, Politics on the Hudson.

d. "Sen. Joseph Robach won't support Cuomo's abortion proposal." -- Jon Campbell, lohud.com.

e. "Andy's aides in tug o' turf." -- Fred Dicker, NY Post.

f. "Cuomo says Fred Dicker report of infighting is 'not credible'." -- Jill Colvin, Politicker.

g. "Restoring leadership on women's rights." -- Andrew Cuomo, Messenger Post.

h. "Opponents of Cuomo's abortion bill step up in NY." -- The AP.

i. "Gov. Andrew Cuomo officially introduces tax-free NY legislation." -- Robert Harding, Auburnpub.com.

j. "Tax-free NY bill: Ten things to know about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan." -- Glenn Coin, Syracuse.com.

k. "Will Cuomo champion campaign finance reform?" -- Abby Rapoport, American Prospect.

l. "Matt Wing promoted to Press Secretary for Andrew Cuomo." -- Capitol Confidential.

Cory Booker:

a. "Rutgers-Eagleton poll shows Booker with wide lead in Democrat primary." -- Politicker NJ.

b. "Norcross backs Booker in N.J. Senate race." -- Matt Katz, Philadelphia Inquirer.

c. "Can Cory Booker live up to all the hype?" -- Perry Bacon Jr., MSNBC.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Elizabeth Warren: SEC 'actively reviewing' big bank settlement policy." -- Luke Johnson, Huffington Post.

b. "Warren, Tierney urge students to fight rate hike." -- Alyssa Botelho, Boston Globe.

Kirsten Gillibrand:

a. "Gillibrand backs Cuomo's women's agenda, too." -- Reid Pillifant, Capital New York.

b. "Video: Gillibrand talks equal pay act on CBS this morning." -- TVworld.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 217. 


PPP poll of Michigan: Rand Paul 18%... Jeb Bush 16%... Chris Christie 15%....Paul Ryan 12%....Marco Rubio 11%....Ted Cruz 7%....Rick Santorum 6%....Bobby Jindal 4%.... Susana Martinez <1%.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Thune: 'Real possibility' immigration bill gets more than 60 votes." -- Daniel Strauss, The Hill.

b. "The two faces of Marco Rubio." -- Rebecca Kaplan, National Journal.

c. "Marco Rubio decides whether he wants to kill immigration reform or not." -- Alex Pareene, Salon.

d. "Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first -- 'It is not conditional'." -- Byron York, Washington Examiner.

e. "Marco Rubio's careful immigration dance." -- Greg Sargent, Washington Post.

f. "'Assimilation' a flash point in immigration debate." -- Tarini Parti, Politico.

g. "Immigration reform back from the brink." -- Jonathan Chait, New York Mag.

Chris Christie:

a. "DiVincenzo to endorse Christie on Tuesday." -- Matt Friedman, Star-Ledger.

b. "Union City Mayor Stack crosses party lines to endorse Christie." -- Michaelangelo Conte, The Jersey Journal.

c. "Norcross appears with Christie during state house news conference." -- Matthew Arco, Politicker NJ.

d. "Christie dismisses argument that October special election will suppress voter turnout." -- Matthew Arco, Politicker NJ.

e. "Christie mum on GOP prospects in Senate primary." -- Matthew Arco, Politicker NJ.

f. "How Obama's scandals could swing the GOP primaries -- and why this is terrible news for Marco Rubio and good news for Chris Christie." -- Matt Lewis, The Week.

Paul Ryan:

a. "NSA program 'creepy'." -- Tom Karkow, Wisconsin Radio Network.

Rand Paul:

a. "Big Brother really is watching us." -- Rand Paul, Wall Street Journal.

b. "Rand Paul outlines unlikely battle plan for Republicans in California." -- David Drucker, Washington Examiner.

c. "Rand Paul's 'crunchy con' brand of libertarian politics." -- Sarah Posner, The Guardian.

d. "Is Rand Paul looking to peg his future to NSA opposition?" -- Matt Berman, National Journal.

e. "Rand Paul's misguided case against the NSA." -- Charles Lane, Washington Post.

f. "This is the Rand Paul Moment." -- Howard Fineman, Huffington Post.

g. "Why Latinos should have their eye on Rand Paul." -- Michelle Fields, Fox News Latino.

Read AllahPundit's take on how Rand Paul might handle Snowden.

John Thune:

a. "Thune: 'Real possibility' immigration bill gets more than 60 votes." -- Daniel Strauss, The Hill.

b. "Thune: 'Most members of Congress' didn't know NSA programs were so broad." -- Tom Kludt, TPM.

c. "Bring Snowden to justice for intel leaks: Sen. Thune." -- CNBC.

Mike Huckabee:

a. "Huckabee questions church tax-exemption." -- Bob Allen, ABP News.

The rest:

a. "Jindal signs bill adding human trafficking, kidnapping, bigamy to Louisiana racketeering laws." -- Sheila Kumar, Times-Picayune.

b. "Kasich declines to say whether he will support abortion clinics." -- Tom Troy, Toledo Blade.

c. "Gov. McDonnell refuses to comment on grand jury probe." -- Catherine Thompson, TPM.

d. "Haleys donated $130K to charity." -- Adam Beam, The State.

e. "Nikki Haley, husband report $284K in earnings." -- Seanna Adcox, The AP.

f. "Conservative group launches second ad defending Ayotte." -- Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill.

g. "Ayotte slammed by Schlafly over immigration." -- Neil Munro, Daily Caller.

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