Monday, June 17, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Hillary gives a speech in Michigan today


Hillary Clinton:

She's giving a speech at the Economic Club of Grand Rapids today.

a. "Hillary 2016? Supporters plan rally at rumored presidential hopeful's Grand Rapids visit." -- Zane McMillan, Michigan Live.

b. "Bill Clinton heads back to Worcester's friendly confines." -- Jim O'Sullivan, Boston Globe.

c. Chuck Grassley "questions Weiner's wife about time working for Clinton and as consultant." -- Dan Friedman, New York Daily News.

d. "Early childhood gets what it needs: a star supporter." -- Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic.

Joe Biden:

a. "Biden to stump for Markey [again!] in Massachusetts [this week]." -- Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill.

b. Biden, on flip-flop over government surveillance, "It was a different program." -- Nick Gass and Elizabeth Titus, Politico.

c. Biden repeats his slam against Ted Cruz, Rand Paul at west coast fundraiser. \

d. "Pipeline protesters return for Biden visit." -- Neal Riley, Kristen Brown, and Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle.

e. "Vice President Joe Biden surprises breakfast crowd." -- Monte Francis and Josh Keppel, NBC's bay area affiliate.

f. "Joe, Jill Biden talk to kids who have lost family member in war." -- Tony Perry, LA Times.

Cory Booker:

a. "Former Newark Police Chief sues Booker, claims he was pressured to resign." -- James Queally, Star-Ledger.

b. "Booker fires back at Pallone on morning radio show." --  David Giambusso, Star-Ledger.

c. "Cory Booker signs up two more Obama veterans." -- Kyle Trygstad, Roll Call.

d. "Peter Beinart's bias against me, Cory Booker, and Israel." -- Shmuley Boteach, Daily Beast.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Gov. Andrew Cuomo drops, again, in polls to 58%." -- Teri Weaver,

b. "Andrew Cuomo re-ups call for Washington action on gun control." -- Jon Campbell,

c. "Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveils portrait of father and ex-governor, Mario Cuomo." -- Glenn Blain, New York Daily News (and here's video of it).

d. "Governor Andrew M. Excuses." -- New York Post.

e. "Success of Cuomo's plan for more casinos relies on his power of persuasion." -- Jesse McKinley and Charles Bagli, New York Times.

Kirsten Gillibrand:

a. "5 things millennial women should learn from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand." -- Madeleine Overturf, Policy Mic.

b. "Stand up for victims." -- Boston Herald editorial board.

Martin O'Malley:

a. "O'Malley tells liberal legal group that his policies have strengthened Maryland." -- John Wagner, Washington Post.

b. O'Malley is on a trade trip to Europe; look how one Irish paper is introducing him

John Hickenlooper:

a. "Did Colorado's liberal experiment pave the way for Gov. Tancredo?" -- Dave Weigel, Slate.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Sen. Elizabeth Warren rallies for Ed Markey." -- WGGB.

b. "Warren calls use of chemical weapons 'reprehensible'." -- Noah Bierman, Boston Globe.


UT/Texas Tribune poll of Texas: Ted Cruz 25%...Rand Paul 13%...Marco Rubio 11%...Rick Perry 10%...Chris Christie and Paul Ryan 8%...Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal 2%.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Benefits and borders: A Q&A with Marco Rubio." -- David Drucker, Washington Examiner.

b. "Sen. Rubio says most of immigration reform bill is in 'perfect shape'." -- Meghashyam Mali, The Hill.

c. "Rubio insists he isn't being played by Schumer." -- Jennifer Epstein, Politico.

d. "Marco Rubio's angling prompts some Gang of Eight angst." -- Manu Raju and Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico.

e. "Graham predicts 'breakthrough' passage of immigration bill with over '70 votes'." -- Erik Wasson, The Hill.

f. "With immigration, Marco Rubio risks insider label." -- Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, Politico.

g. Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham say "immigration bill could decide 2016." -- Philip Elliot, AP.

h. "Marco Rubio's Iowa problem." -- Steve Deace for Politico.

i. Dana Rohrabacher "unloads on Marco Rubio." -- WND.

j. "Marco Rubio: President's inaction has led to 'worst possible scenario' in Syria." -- Benjamin Bell, ABC News.

k. "Rubio: Obama 'failed' in Syria." -- Meghashyam Mali, The Hill.

Chris Christie:

a. "ABC pundits take on Christie's 'bromance' with Clinton, Obama: Only Republican who can 'flip some blue states'." -- Evan McMurry, Mediaite.

b. "Barbara Buono campaign downplays Chris Christie's Democratic endorsements." -- Shumita Basu, Newsworks.

c. "Christie leads Buono by 40 percentage points in Stockton poll." -- Wallace McKelvey, Press of Atlantic City.

d. "Democrats: Restore Christie health care cuts." -- The AP.

e. "Christie has repair work to do with conservatives." -- Peter Hamby, CNN.

f. "Christie's no conservative, and he won't run as one." -- Joseph Curl, Washington Times.

Rand Paul:

a. "Dick Cheney: Rand Paul is wrong on government surveillance." -- Sean Sullivan, Washington Post.

b. "Tea for 2? Kentucky senators in a marriage of convenience." -- Trip Gabriel, New York Times.

c. "Senator Rand Paul praises Orthodox tradition, in visit to Lakewood." -- Jacob Kornbluh, Yeshiva World News.

d. "Rand Paul stands alone for persecuted Christians." -- Doug Wead, World Net Daily.

Jeb Bush:

a. "Jeb Bush to speak during 2013-2014 Florida Forum series." -- Matt Dixon, The Florida Times-Union.

b. "Jeb Bush calls his father the 'best man I've ever met'." -- Kari Rea, ABC News.

c. "Jeb Bush: Being 'independent' came from parents." -- ABC News (video).

d. "Jeb Bush: Dad defies convention with socks." -- ABC News (video).

e. "Jeb Bush: 'Split ballot' among my parents if I should run." -- Andrew Johnson, National Review.

f. "Bush would make a good GOP candidate for president in 2106, Lindsey Graham says." -- Clark Brooks, Greenville Online.

g. "Jeb Bush's massive whiff." -- Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon.

h. "Sarah Palin knocks Jeb Bush's comments on immigration as 'someone who is fertile herself'." -- Paige Lavender, Huffington Post.

Ted Cruz:

a. "UT/TTT poll: Texans favor Cruz over Perry for president." -- Ross Ramsey, The Texas Tribune.

b. "Jeb Bush on Ted Cruz: It's not enough to say the system's broken, you have to fix it." -- Wayne Slater, Dallas Morning News.

c. "Ted Cruz, Bill Flores back North Texas valedictorian who defied speech policy to thank Jesus." -- Dallas Morning News.

Scott Walker:

a. "Scott Walker looks foolish for rescinding appointment." -- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board.

b. "Governor anticipates quick budget approval." -- Jodi Becker, TMJ4.

c. "Democrats' Walker strategy involves 'player named later'." -- Steven Walters,

d. "Wisconsin's Walker downplays presidential buzz." -- Shawn Johnson, NPR.

e. "More in [Wisconsin] must shop for health care coverage." -- Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Paul Ryan:

a. "Paul Ryan a favorite of Republicans." -- Jeffrey Jones, Gallup.

Bob McDonnell:

a. "Mansion spending records indicate improper billing by Virginia governor and his family." -- Laura Vozzella, Washington Post.

The rest:

a. "GOP should listen to Santorum." -- Jonathan Tobin, Commentary.

b. "Why Sarah Palin actually matters again." -- Joan Walsh, Salon.

c. "Bills outlawing 'coerced' and 'telemedicine' abortion signed by Jindal." -- Sheila Kumar, Times-Picayune.