Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good morning, 2016!

Cory Booker picks up some key endorsements today in his Senate run (although can you really call them "key", considering he'd win regardless of what they'd do?).


Hillary Clinton:

Q poll: In Florida, Hillary leads Jeb Bush by 7% and Rubio by 12%.

a. "Hillary has to dump Bill now." -- Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg.

b. "Why Democrats are already jumping aboard the Hillary Clinton bandwagon." -- Josh Kraushaar, National Journal.

c. "Sen Gillibrand: 'I am personally urging Secretary Clinton to run'." -- Daniel Strauss, The Hill.

d. "Claire McCaskill endorses Hillary Clinton for 2016." -- Katie Glueck, Politico.

e. "Why Claire McCaskill is endorsing Hillary Clinton so early." -- Harold Maass, The Week.

f. "Krauthammer's take: Hillary 'eminently defeatable' in 2016." -- National Review.

g. "Hillary Clinton pays 1st ever visit to Gerald Ford Presidential Museum." -- Zane McMillin, Michigan Live.

Joe Biden: 

a. "Biden concedes W.H. gun push falters in Congress." -- Reid Epstein, Politico.

b. "Biden on gun laws: 'We have not given up'." -- Lucy Madison, CBS News.

c. "Biden: You will pay a price for not dealing with gun control." -- Perry Stein, TPM.

d. "Veep's Julia Louis Dreyfus describes lunch with vice president Joe Biden as 'mind blowing' as his staff mirrors characters from the show." -- Cliff Renfrew, The Daily Mail.

e. "Biden, praising congresswoman fighting cancer, names wrong member." -- Dan Friedman, New York Daily News.

Cory Booker:

a. "Endorsements roll in for Booker." -- Heather Haddon, Wall Street Journal.

b. "Booker hires another Obama veteran for Senate campaign." -- Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill.

c. "Booker, Holt respond to Pallone's call for debates." -- David Giambusso, Star-Ledger.

Andrew Cuomo:

a. "Cuomo's progressive agenda runs into legislative roadblocks." -- Tom Precious, Buffalo News.

b. "Cuomo continues to meet on women's agenda." -- The AP.

c. "Andrew Cuomo agrees to split up 10-point women's agenda." -- Jon Campbell,

d. "Soros-backed Super PAC to New York pols: Pass reform or we're taking you down." -- Andy Kroll, Mother Jones.

Elizabeth Warren:

a. "Elizabeth Warren warns that the Supreme Court is becoming a 'subsidiary' of the Chamber of Commerce." -- @LOLGOP, National Memo.

b. "Student loan rates should not increase, Americans say in poll." -- Tyler Kingkade, Huffington Post.

Kirsten Gillibrand:

a. "Sen Gillibrand: 'I am personally urging Secretary Clinton to run'." -- Daniel Strauss, The Hill.

b. "Gillibrand is 'quite optimistic' about repealing DOMA soon." -- Reid Pillifant, Capital New York.

Days that Hillary Clinton has FROZEN THE FIELD: 225.


Rand Paul:

a. "Rand Paul blasts Dick Cheney: 'Someone should have been removed from office' for pre-9/11 failures." -- Noah Rothman, Mediaite.

b. "Rand Paul: Marijuana use makes you lazy, lose 'IQ points'." -- Nick Wing, Huffington Post.

c. "Rand Paul: Youth with me on NSA issue." -- Breanna Edwards, Politico.

d. "Rand Paul: Clapper can't be trusted and would not work in my administration." -- Daniel Strauss, The Hill.

e. "Rand Paul: Catch terrorists the old-fashioned way." -- Bloomberg video.

f. "Rand Paul jokes about 'coincidence' of New Hampshire, Iowa visits." -- Alec Hill, The Daily Caller.

g. "Rand Paul is the most interesting man in the (political) world." -- Chris Cillizza, Washington Post.

h. "Rand Paul revives the Fourth Amendment." -- Bruce Fein for The Daily Caller.

i. "Rand Paul responds to TNR cover photo with Facebook poll." -- Perry Stein, TPM.

Chris Christie:

a. "Christie dismisses claims he couldn't win GOP primary." -- Melanie, Batley, Newsmax.

b. "Chris Christie rips Obama charm offensive." -- Katie Glueck, Politico.

c. "Chris Christie's message to conservative critics: I don't care what you say." -- David Sherfinski, Washington Times.

d. "Christie says no need to decide on White House until 2015." -- Terrence Dopp, Bloomberg.

e. "Chris Christie: Proud Dallas Cowboys fan." -- Rebecca Elliot, Politico.

f. "Chris Christie: Mets are still my team." -- Adam Rubin, ESPN.

Marco Rubio:

a. "Q poll: Florida voters don't like Rubio's handling of immigration, but his approval rating remains steady." -- Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times.

b. "CBO: Senate immigration bill to save $175 billion." -- Sara Murray and Kristina Peterson, Wall Street Journal.

c. "GOP support on immigration dissipating." -- Manu Raju and Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico.

d. "Rubio won't identify aide who provided controversial quote." -- Jonathan Strong, National Review.

e. "Why Rubio wins if immigration reform loses." -- Isaac Chotner, New Republic.

f. "Gang of 8 has 'de-linked' citizenship and border security." -- Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard.

g.  "Allen West challenges Marco Rubio on immigration; won't rule out 2016 primary bid." -- John Matthews, WMAL.

Ted Cruz:

a. "Ed Rendell: 'Princeton and Harvard should be disgraced' that Cruz attended." -- Andrew Johnson, National Review.

b. "Texas man arrested for threatening to kill Sen. Ted Cruz and 'blow up' the sun." -- Fox News Latino.

Paul Ryan:

a. "Back in the fray." -- Kyle Peterson, American Spectator.

b. "Paul Ryan's kind of photo-op." -- Warren Rojas, Roll Call.

Bobby Jindal:

a. "Bobby Jindal tells 'bed-wetting' GOP to man up." -- Lauren McGaughy, Times-Picayune.

b. "Bobby Jindal has completely lost touch with reality." -- Josh Barro, Business Insider.

c. "Thank you, Bobby Jindal." -- Matt Purple, American Spectator.

d. "Bobby Jindal signs school prayer, ACT education legislation into law." -- Lauren McGaughy, Times-Picayune.

The rest:

a. "Kasich makes faith argument for Medicaid." -- Joe Hallet and Catherine Candisky, Columbus Dispatch.

b. "Kasich hopes surplus dollars will end up in taxpayer pockets." -- Brandon Blackwell, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

c. "Rick Perry takes aim at New York." -- James Hohmann, Politico.

d. Larry Sabato: "Scratch Bob McDonnell off presidential candidate list." -- Colleen Kelleher, WTOP.

e. "Allen West challenges Marco Rubio on immigration; won't rule out 2016 primary bid." -- John Matthews, WMAL.

f. "Thune's border fence plan nixed." -- Denise Ross, The Daily Republic.

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